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Pictures of Different Types of Spiders

When the subject of spiders comes up, more often than not, the reaction is adverse. Spiders evoke fear and anxiety from much of the population. However, most Oregon spiders are harmless. These pictures of different types of spiders will help you identify various spiders and their threat level.

Different Spiders Weave Different Webs

Spiders come in all shapes and sizes. Among the many interesting facts about spiders are the different types of webs they weave. The most common types of webs are tangle, funnel, and orb webs. The kind of web a spider builds tells a lot about them, including where they live and what they eat

Pictures Of Spiders – Tangle Webs Spiders

As the term suggests, tangled webs consist of a mess of haphazard strands stuck together to make a web. Commonly referred to as cobwebs, these spiders are prevalent in attics, basements, and dark corners. In addition, cellar spiders are common throughout the United States. Another well-known tangle web spider is the black widow.

Orb Weavers Build The Classic Tangle Web

When people think of spider webs, they often envision flat, circular webs. Known as orb webs, they are great at catching unsuspecting insects as they fly through open spaces. Spiders that build these webs do so quickly and accurately. Thus, you may stroll through your yard or garden and walk through a web not there a few hours before.

black widow is the type of spider that is the most dangerous in Oregon

The Infamous Black Widow

Another tangle web spider is the black widow. Luckily these spiders are shy and not quick to bite. The black widow is one of two venomous spiders in the United States. They have round and shiny black bodies with the famous red or orange hourglass shape on the underside of their abdomen. While not all black widow bites are lethal, they may lead to severe pain, cramping, and tremors.

orb weaver spider in garden

Yellow Garden Spiders Are Hard To Miss

Looking through pictures of different types of spiders shows you spiders of every color. Yellow garden spiders are fascinating to see. With a large abdomen striped with yellow, white, and black, they are quite beautiful but also appear menacing.

funnel web spider in USA

Funnel Web Builders

When looking at pictures of different types of spiders, funnel web spiders are intimidating. Often large spiders with thick bodies and legs, they live on the ground. Funnel web builders do not catch prey in their webs. Instead, they use their funnel web as a den. They hunt at night, chasing down unsuspecting insects and returning to their web to eat

Hobo Spiders

The hobo spider is common in Oregon. They are light to medium brown and have darker stripes along their abdomen. Another large spider, growing to be almost two inches long. They prefer cracks and crevices to build their funnel webs in.

Not All Spiders Build Webs

Many species of spiders do not build webs. While they produce silk, it is not used for webs. Most of these spiders have specialized hunting techniques and diets. This category has wildly varied pictures of different types of spiders.

jumping spider is a harmless spider in Oregon

Jumping Spiders Are Quick And Agile

In addition to large eyes and dense fur, these tiny spiders come in various colors. They spend their time on plants, walls, and fences. Because of excellent eyesight, jumping spiders can stalk their prey from a distance. Then, with quick accuracy, they jump on the unsuspecting insect.

woodlouse spider name comes from jaws to open a woodlouse

Woodlouse Spiders Eat Roly-Polies

Yet another spider that looks fearsome but is harmless. Large chelicerae, or mouthparts, and fangs make them appear threatening. However, they feed solely on woodlice, also known as roly-polies. When a large population of woodlice is present, the woodlouse spider is a natural form of pest control.

Pictures Of Different Types Of Spiders Help Identify The Problem

There are many tips and tricks to get rid of spiders. However, if you don’t know what type of spiders are plaguing your home, it is hard to know where to begin. Using pictures of different types of spiders helps narrow down what you are dealing with. As with any pest, the safest and easiest method of spider control is hiring professional help

Prime Pet Solutions removing a spider and web with treatment dewebbing

Prime Pest Solutions – Your Spider Control Experts

If looking at pictures of different types of spiders has your skin crawling, you are not alone. Utilizing professional pest control services eliminates the hassle and stress of getting your home spider free. Prime Pest Solutions offers friendly and effective spider control. We focus on your home’s individual needs to ensure success.

Quarterly Pest Control Keeps Spiders Away

We recommend quarterly pest control services to keep your home’s defenses up without putting you or the environment at risk. When battling spiders, common treatments include web removal to remove current spiders and egg sacs. Additionally, foundation treatment creates a barrier and prevents pest entry.

Contact Prime Pest Solutions today to get one step closer to a pest-free home!

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