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Rat Control

Everyone knows how plentiful rats can be living in Oregon. Once they appear, it can seem like a never-ending battle trying to get rid of them. No one likes to know that they are sharing their yard or home with rats. When the rats start to show up, it may be time to contact the professionals and get rat control.

Professional rat control is going to help maintain the sanctity of your home and your own sanity. Rats have an amazing way of inflicting fear and uneasy feeling when you know they are roaming around your home. Your home is the place where you should be able to lower your guard and relax. Unlike insects which occasionally infest homes, rats actively live and harvest resources under the same roof.

rat squeezes into house

Why We Need Rat Control – Rats are Extremely Stealthy

One of the biggest issues homeowners and pest professionals face regarding rodents is their stealth. Though it may not seem like it, rats have an extremely sly touch as they maneuver around the home. The rats in Oregon are well accustomed to detecting the best entry points in the home. In addition, they are excellent climbers, which makes the flourishing Oregon environment their perfect jungle gym.

Additionally, rats can squeeze through even the most enclosed gaps. As long as the rat can fit its skull through, the rest of the body will too. Most of the time, they only need a gap that is roughly an inch to sneak inside. Once inside, they will climb inside the wall voids to navigate around the home.

The Rats of Oregon

There are two main species of rats that are active in Beaverton and the surrounding areas. Though there are plenty of different species of rats in the state, these main two are the most prolific in residential areas.

Norway rat

Norway Rat

The Norway rat is the most common rat residents will find infesting their homes. Unfortunately, Norway is also the largest species in the area, which can mean double trouble for the destruction. Norway’s will be in the crawlspace or lower levels more often than not but are not opposed to the attics. Anywhere that may provide suitable living conditions, Norway will be there.

adult black rat

Roof Rat

As the name may hint, the Roof rat will live more commonly in the attic. They will just as quickly take up residency in crawlspaces and wall voids if they are more easily accessible.

A Rat’s Diet

Another primary reason to find professional rat control is their diets. They are the furthest thing from being picky eaters and have a wide-tasting palette. On the other hand, they are notorious dumpster divers and will gladly sort through your garbage cans and not pick up the mess when they leave. Rats prefer to eat seeds, fruits, grains, but being omnivores, they will never turn up a chance to eat meat.

Last night’s scraps are their gourmet dinner and anything else they may be able to find as scavenging through the trash. Compost piles also constitute a significant attractant if they are open because of their widely diverse food availability. Even with the slightest chance of locating food sources, rats will be the ones to find them.

brown rat on the ground by bird food

Signs That You May Need Rat Control

Part of your rat control program will include inspecting the property for signs of rats. First, however, you can take a quick look around your home to spot activity symptoms. There are a few key signs that you should watch out for when detecting rat activity.

  • Droppings- The most critical indicator is seeing rat droppings. They typically look like spindled grains of rice.
  • Gnawing and scratching- Rats have incisors for front teeth that are constantly growing. They will typically chew their way in, scratching with their sharp claws to gain entry or climb.
  • Grease marks- Rats are dirty creatures, and they frequently build up grime and grease around their bodies. In addition, as they squeeze in and out of places, the oil from their bodies will rub, leaving behind sludge markings.

Rat Prevention

You can do preventive maintenance outside of hiring a professional rat control team to manage your local rat population. It is impossible to keep curious rats out of the yard altogether, but you can stop them from getting inside.

  • Close off any crawlspace vents that may be open. Typically these are closed off with solid mesh netting. Ensure these are fully secured so the rats can push their way through.
  • Secure the trash cans and close any open compost piles. Taking away access will also help with reducing general pest activity like insects as well!
  • Trim the foliage away from home. Rats will use trees and bushes like ladders and gain access if pushed up against the house.
  • Seal up any huge gaps that may lead inside the house. Using sealants like caulking, silicone, or even steel wool will be more than sufficient.

Dangers of Keeping Rats Around

Hiring a professional rat control service is the best way for you to defend your home against rat infestations. Rats pose a severe risk to the safety and health of your home and family. There are several reasons why keeping rats around will do more harm than good.


Rats are vectors for multiple different diseases, including the Plague, Hantavirus, and Salmonella. They also have horrible habits of leaving urine and feces anywhere they walk, making spreading the disorders easy. In addition, rats use their bodily fluids as a means to communicate with each other.

Property Damage

As previously mentioned, rats have incisors that are constantly growing. The constant growth means they always are gnawing on things to help cut down the size of their teeth. They will start chewing on wires that instantly put your home at risk of a fire inside the house. Here’s more about the removal of rats in Beaterton.

Get Your Beaverton Rat Control

When you are ready to take back your home from those dirty rats, Prime Pest Solutions is here to help! Our team has been protecting the homes and families of Oregon from rat infestations by implementing safe and effective techniques. We create uniquely personalized plans for each home to ensure the best results possible. Our rat control programs will provide your home with inspections, exclusion work, trapping, and baiting.

Whether you currently have rats or want to prevent them all around, getting started has never been easier. Do not wait until rats show up and get comfortable in your home to create rat control and prevention. Instead, contact the team at Prime Pest Solutions today and get a free estimate for service and schedule an appointment! Let the Prime Pest team help you take your home back, so you can finally relax in your own home.