Foundation Treatments

A vital component of any pest control service is the liquid application on the home’s exterior. The main point of this type of application is to build up substantial barriers around the house, preventing pest activity. The best places to apply pest products are around areas that may have a lot of pest traffic. Unfortunately, it is unknown where every pest will go; foundation treatments act as a great way to cast a general barrier.

Multiple applications around the foundation are the key to reducing overall pest activity in and outside the home. The foundation is the first place most pests are going to approach the house. Though pests can enter through many other locations, the foundation is the most common for general activity.

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Less is Not More

The days of heavy professional pest product applications are long gone due to rapid research. As time has moved forward, product development has become more specific, allowing professionals to be particular. Pest treatments need less product quantity because quality is surpassing the need for all-encompassing pest service.

The key, now, to successful pest applications is through specific location applications for specific pest activity. Instead of using as many products as possible, professionals only need to use particular amounts for particular results.  Again, the less liquid application potential is best because it helps reduce risk to the environment and overall exposure.

Debunking the Treatment Myths

Many people do not have specific training in pest control, which can be confusing when watching someone perform a service. Sometimes, technicians may start treating in opposite places when you report specific pest activity on one side of the home. In addition, specific pest infestations react differently and need treatment approaches that have ripple effects.

During peak ant season, it may seem that ants are trailing out of every crack and crevice inside the home. Directly treating the activity may be a quick fix but still allow the colony to move elsewhere. Instead, pest professionals must use a foundation treatment approach to cut off activity at its source of entry.

Types of Foundation Treatments

  • Full Foundation Treatment- Your typical routine pest service should involve a complete foundation treatment. Each pest product has a certain amount of span that the applicator is allowed to use during treatment. Complete foundational treatment requires the applicator to use the fully allotted span to get maximum coverage.
  • Spot Treatment- A spot treatment is when pest activity is not out of hand but may need simple touch-ups. Pest professionals can use foundational spot treatments to ensure the activity is curved without using the entire span. This method will also allow professionals to use different products for different pests.
  • Granular Treatment- This is when granular products run along the foundation rather than liquids. Granular treatments are a great way to limit the number of pests onto the actual foundation. They are applied on the ground running parallel with the foundation.

Foundational Treatment Methods

When treating the foundation, simply using one product can still work but will not catch all activities. Therefore, pest professionals will outfit their product selection to have a broad spectrum of products available for treatment.

  • Gel baits- Gel baits are best periodically applied along the foundation where pest activity is hyper-active. Gel baits are best for spot treatments, so they will likely not be used every time.
  • Granules- Granules provide the first line of defense against the pests crawling onto the foundation. They can deter a lot of activity by acting as bait or repellent.
  • Liquid- This method of treatment is the staple of almost every foundation treatment. Most, if not, every treatment will incorporate the use of a liquid product to some degree.

The Foundation is the Best Placement

When activity is not out of hand yet, or symptoms are growing, the foundation is the best place to start. Since most pests will crawl onto the home, they will first come across the foundation. These barriers around the foundation are the best way to curve activity before it has a chance to grow.

The main point of a foundation treatment is to slow general activity around the home overall, but not a fix-all. Pest professionals come with equipment and knowledge to handle move around the house, not just the foundation. But, most of the time, the pest activity will never grow when the foundation has a consistent treatment.

When it is hard to detect the source of the activity, the best place to start treatment is the foundation. Using a full foundation and granular treatment will help control activity around the home effectively.

structure of home has carpenter ants

Carpenter ants burrowing into fresh wood

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