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How To Get Rid Of Spiders

Spiders provide a vital component of our ecosystem by regulating other pest populations. They ensure that other insects do not grow wildly out of control and cause adverse environmental effects. The average spider lives a life of solitude as it goes about hunting and trapping its prey. Despite their necessity, people strive to understand better how to get rid of spiders so they can live without fear.

Many people fear spiders, no matter how big or small, black, brown, or any other color. Additionally, one of the most frequent times a spider bite is at night when you sleep and least expect it. This is a real threat due to people’s frequent allergic reactions to spider bites. Many homeowners strive for a spider-free home to remain safe from bites and have peace of mind.

Signs of Spider Activity

When inspecting the home for spiders, look for the following signs of activity:

  • Insect carcasses:
    Spiders do not eat their prey but instead turn their internal organs into a liquid and drink them. Seeing dried-up corpses is a sure sign of spider activity.
  • New and old webs:
    Spiders are always on the move and hardly clean up after themselves. When you start finding lots of webs around the home, the spiders are not too far.
  • Egg sacs:
    Your home provides a safe fortress for spiders to lay their eggs. Typically egg sacs will be near or in the webs, but egg sacs are a sign of active spider presence.
  • Other Pests:
    If you see frequent pest activity in and around your home, surely spiders will be there. Spiders are natural hunters, and they go inside your home to hunt for their next meal.
spiderweb on a house

Access Points

Spiders are crafty and sneaky arachnids capable of scaling sides of homes with no issue. Their flexibility and agility allow them to squeeze through the tiniest openings. As your home begins to settle and open up more, spiders have seemingly innumerable ways to interior access.

Here are a few common access points around the home:

  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Attics
  • Exhaust vents
  • Unsealed Doors and Windows
  • Broken window screens
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Chimneys
  • Crawlspace entry
  • Unsealed baseboards
  • Plumbing Lines

These are just a few interior access points that spiders will utilize to get inside the home. It is near-impossible to find every possible access point around the house. This is a significant threat to people with severe spider allergies because there is always a potential for spider activity.

Spider Access Points
Prevent exterior spider activity with Prime Pest Solutions

Preventing Exterior Spider Activity

To get inside, spiders have to start outside, which is where your prevention steps should begin. Keeping spiders out of your home is an ongoing uphill battle that requires consistent and diligent attention. Unfortunately, there is not a single solution that stops all spider activity around your home overnight. Spiders will continue to permanently get inside the house, which is why starting outside is crucial.

Start preventing spiders by:

  • Removing present webs and egg sacs
  • Sealing any gaps and cracks that lead inside
  • Repair roofing and siding damages
  • Reduce moisture
  • Regular yard maintenance
  • Trim foliage away from home
  • Move woodpiles as far away from home as possible
  • Reduce other pest populations- take away their food source
  • Replace window and door screens with holes
  • Reseal weather stripping around doors

Preventing Interior Spider Activity

After addressing the outside of the home, inspecting the inside is the next step to preventing spider activity.

Start by:

  • Sealing gaps and cracks around that lead-in from the outside or wall voids with caulking or silicone.
  • Regular interior cleaning will prevent other pests, which in turn prevents spiders.
  • Remove or reduce as much moisture to not draw in spiders.
  • Remove any spider web and egg sacs.
  • Take mechanical control measures like placing glue boards in hidden dark areas that spiders hang around.
  • Remove spiders if you see them. Spiders typically live alone, so removing each spider you encounter will drastically affect the interior spider population.
  • Store food away to prevent other pest activities like ants and roaches.
  • Switch to yellow sodium vapor lights or turn lights off at night to attract other pests.
Prevent interior spider activity with Prime Pest Solutions
Reasons to get rid of spiders

Reasons To Get Rid Of Spiders

  • Possible Danger:
    Some spider species are hazardous to humans because of the venom they release with each bite. Additionally, some individuals may experience more severe symptoms after an edge due to their allergy tolerance. It is best to reduce the risk of spider bites since spider identification is always impossible.
  • Anxiety:
    Spiders are one of the most feared house insects, and many homeowners get extremely uncomfortable seeing spiders. No one should have to live inside their homes with fear and anxiety of a potentially lurking spider.
  • Aesthetics:
    Even if you are not bothered by spiders, there is a reason they are stereotyped in haunted houses. Their webs strung everywhere make for an uncomfortable maze while the dead insect carcasses paint a not-so-welcoming sight.

Prime Pest’s Spider Control

Are you seeing spiders around your home but have no time to prevent them yourself? Let Prime Pest Solutions stop by to eliminate and prevent future spider activity around your home. We will take preventative measures to stop spiders from getting in and remove any current activity. Our simple spider control program is part of our comprehensive quarterly pest control program.

Do not spend another day sharing your home with the creepy crawlers hiding in the dark. Call us today to learn more about our services and schedule your first appointment.

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