Spider and Spider Control

After living in Oregon for any period, homeowners will come across a handful of spiders. At first sight, spiders are horrifying and creepy looking until they hurry under the couch, then they are even worse. The worst part about spiders is not knowing where they may be hiding and lingering around the home. Proper spider control will ensure your worries of a creepy spider are no more! 

The flourishing vegetation around the state provides a perfect home for many different spider species. Most spider species do not want to live in your home for luxury but as a necessity. Your home provides a spider with a dry shelter that has other insects for them to hunt constantly. Eliminating spiders and other pests will help ease your mind and steer future activity away from the house.   

We Need Spiders, Just Not Inside

Spiders are an essential component of our ecosystem and certainly do not need to be completely eradicated. However, spiders also do not have a reason to be in your home with you and your family. Though they act as a form of pest control, they are still pests that can better serve your home outside.

Spider control programs will keep the spiders out of your home while ensuring they remain advantageous outside.

Common Spider Species

giant house spider outside on deck

Giant House Spider

This spider species is the most active spider in every home. As the name insists, the Giant House Spider is enormous from home, massive, and hard to miss. They are one of the fastest spider species in Oregon and will be more noticeable in the fall.

garden spider control in Oregon

Garden Spiders

As the name may hint, garden spiders will live only outside near vegetation. They can cast long, highly intricate webs that can span from eves and rooftops to the ground. Garden spiders are highly beneficial for the yard because they can help regulate exterior pest populations.

yellow sac spider on leaves

Yellow Sac Spiders

The Yellow Sac spider is another frequent member of the Oregon household. They cast tiny yellow egg sacs around the home’s exterior that are easy to spot from most distances. They can be dangerous to be around because they are venomous to humans.

Preferred Habitat

A spider’s favorite habitat depends on the environment they live in and the potential threats in the area. Spiders are solitary creatures, so they do not travel in packs or even in pairs and prefer to live alone. A typical spider will cast a web in a location with a lot of other pest activity. Most spiders will use their surrounding to their advantage, like trees, shrubs, or gaps, to funnel insects into their webs.

A spider’s web is its biggest ally, being a predatory species and constantly on the prowl for its next meal. Different species will create different types of webs ranging from beautiful orbs to disorganized and messy webbing. Most indoor spider species will create funnel webs that allow prey to walk into and an exit for easy escape.

spider eggs on web call PRIME for spider control
spider food

A Spider’s Diet

Oregon spiders are not the pickiest eaters in the world, but their diets consist primarily of insects. Spider’s diets play to our advantage because they can help control pest populations around the house. A professional spider control program will not only control the spiders but other pests as well. An exciting aspect about spiders is how they consume their prey.

Spiders do not chew on their food, but instead, they inject enzymes into their prey that essentially liquefies the insides. After the enzymes do their job, the spider slurps their game up like a smoothie, leaving nothing but an exoskeleton.

Part of spider control consists of removing the spider’s food source to detract them away. When spiders do not have any reason to hunt around the house, they will have no reason to stay!


Drawbacks of Spiders

  • Possibly Venomous- It is already challenging to find spiders in your home because they are most active at night. A spider bite is mainly likely to occur during sleep, making it impossible to identify the species after they bite. Not having quality spider control will increase the chances of a venomous spider in the home.
  • Aesthetics and Anxiety- No one wants to see spiders aimlessly running around the home. Just the sight of spiders can bring on a lot of anxiety for many people. Their webs can build up over time and leave them home looking like a haunted house.
spider control illustration, oversized cartoon pest tech catching a spider

Home Spider Control Tips

  • Trim Trees and Shrubs- When foliage rubs against the house, it acts as a perfect bridge for spiders to get in the home. Allow at least twelve inches of space from the home.
  • Seal Gaps- Spiders do not need much room to squeeze through to gain entry into the home. Take time to inspect the house’s exterior for open gaps that give spiders access to the home.
  • Reduce Moisture- Spiders will only go where the food is since they are predators. Heavy moisture attracts other insects, which will bring in the spiders.
  • Remove Webs- Knock down spider webs as they appear to help with spider control. Wiping away webs will encourage current spiders to leave and their eggs not to hatch fully.
  • Hire the Spider Control Experts- A professional pest control company is one of the most promising ways to control spiders.

Prime Pest Solutions Can Control Your Spiders!

Before spiders have a chance to lay eggs, contact Prime Pest Solutions to get on a proven spider control program. Our team is ready to help you get control of your spider activity and help you sleep peacefully at night. We can help keep the spiders and other pests away with results that last year-round.

When you are ready to join the Prime Pest Solutions team, give us a call or contact us! We can provide a free estimate to you and have a technician at your home in less than two days. Do not wait for spiders to get comfortable in your home; at first, appearance, call us!

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