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Anyone who lives in Oregon knows how intense the ant activity is year-round. Once they find a way inside, the colony is quick to invade and spread. Their persistence, though admirable, makes for quite the uphill battle and irritation when they show up. Getting a regular residential pest control service provides you with ant control. 

How Ant Colony Functions

An ant colony runs at a highly organized level of efficiency that many factories model their protocol after. Different types of ants exist in a colony, born to perform a specific task in the colony. Ants do everything for the survival of the colony, not the individual. Typically there are three different roles in a settlement.

A queen ant is a primary individual responsible for laying eggs and furthering the colony’s growth. Workers have split responsibilities depending if they are old or young. The old defend the colony and gather food while the young maintain the nest and take care of the queen.

The workers decide on their tasks based on their environmental needs, preferences, and interactions with others. Interestingly enough, ants possess the ability to process and overcome complex issues as a colony.


Ants are highly versatile creatures able to live almost anywhere, providing shelter and food sources not too far away. They commonly nest outside and many other pests but make themselves at home in residential housing. An ant colony will establish its nests inside wall voids or in crawlspaces, making for an endless battle. Once their colony is inside the home, they will keep popping up in different house areas.

On the outside of the home, ants will be almost anywhere in the yard. It is likely to see them nesting around a garden or at the base of trees.  Ants can wreak havoc on a garden by slowly chewing off vegetables and fruits over prolonged periods. They may have a colony in the neighbor’s yard but follow fence lines to get to a food source.

Places to Find Ants

There are many places ants can pop up due to their small statues. They are so small they can squeeze through even the tiniest holes around your home. The endless activity makes ant control extremely difficult to obtain for homeowners and grows their irritation even more. Some of the most frequent places pest professionals find ants are:

  • Under sinks
  • Along baseboards
  • Kitchen counters
  • Pantries- Open food containers, especially
  • Garages
  • Windows
  • Under doors
  • Settling chimneys
  • Garbage cans
  • Food storages
  • Garden
  • Along fence lines

There are countless places ants can appear around the home that are not on the list. The most common locations are in the kitchen and food storage locations. Once inside, they help themselves to unopen boxes or containers with even the smallest openings. More about Sudden Ant Infestations

Pest Threat Level- 7/10

Ants are one of the most active pests in Oregon and one of the most difficult to control. Treatment is necessary when they first show up, or else it is a lifetime of struggle. Therefore, ant control will help curve widespread infestations and prevent future activity.

The Risks Ants Pose to You

You have several risks when ants show up in or around your home. For the most part, they are not going to attack you or spread the plague viciously. However, some ants can spread other diseases, while other ants are detrimental to the home and can spread food-borne diseases. When ants infest open food sources, their bodies may harbor harmful bacteria that rub all over the food. Ants can spread diseases such as E. coli, Salmonella, and other bacterial illnesses.

Additionally, without ant control, you are putting your household at risk of damage from destructive ants. Depending on the type of ant species, they may cause damage to the home. Carpenter ants are prevalent in Oregon and are technically Wood Destroying Insects. They can consume the cellulose in wood, which means danger for the wood holding your home up. At the same time, odorous house ants cause bad, bad smells.

ants crawling all over a cupcake

Best Ways to Fight Ant Activity


  • Deny Access- This does not mean necessarily telling them to go away, though you can try, but instead sealing entry points. Once you find the place, they are slipping in from, close off the access points.
  • Yard Maintenance- Ensuring your trees and bushes are not brushing up against the house will eliminate the chances of ants getting in. Foliage acts as a fantastic great bridge for ants to get inside the home.
  • Cleanliness- Throwing away trash properly and regular cleaning is a great way to keep ants away. They will find food left out and other easily accessible containers full of food. Wipe the crumbs away!
  • Hire Ant Professionals- The proper way to stay on top of regular ant control is with a professional pest control company. They will be able to eliminate the whole ant nest and ensure no other colonies make an appearance.

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