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Eco-Friendly Pest Control   

As the world continues to evolve, the importance of taking care of our planet is becoming a rising concern. Homeowners seeking pest control often come with many worries about the safety and efficacy of pest services. People want to know their pest service will be safe to be around while still providing results. Part of providing an eco-friendly pest control service involves much more than just spraying products and moving on.

An eco-friendly pest control service needs to be multi-dimensional and incorporate much more than just a single product application. Different components that alter the pest activity patterns around a home are necessary to achieve control. There are many ways to prevent infestations that pest professionals use to provide an efficient service.

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Inspection For Protection

An eco-friendly pest control service should always start with an inspection before taking the first steps in controlling pests. Taking the time to inspect the home for any current or former activity and conducive conditions is necessary. The inspection is vital to create an effective treatment plan that gets the most out of the service.

Remove One, Remove Them All

Generally, pest populations will only be active in or around homes because the environment provides them with what they need. You can reduce most pest activity when you start with one specific pest problem to control. A giant cause and effect linger among the pest world because of the food chain. When one predatory species loses its prey, it will quickly move on to find a food source elsewhere.

To begin with an eco-friendly pest control service, first, identify the main problem of pests. After identifying these pests, start taking steps to control them and watch as the other occasional invaders disappear. This will not altogether remove every pest but is a great way to start slowly reducing general activity.

Common Solution Providing Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Reduce All that Moisture

One of the main reasons pests are in your yard in the first place is because of the moisture. Albeit they all have different life requirements, pests still need moisture and water to survive, some more than others. Pests like springtails and silverfish require heavy moisture to survive, which is easy to find around a yard. Though some of those pests may not be an issue, other pests they draw in might be more threatening.

Moisture can build up pretty quickly in a typical Oregon yard, especially in the wintertime. During the rainy season, moisture build-up is inevitable, but you can take steps to reduce the moisture overall. 

  • Trimming foliage will allow adequate airflow between the home and plants.
  • Mowing the lawn and general yard maintenance will help avoid harboring water
  • Incorporating adequate drainage around the yard, especially in areas where water tends to pool.

Trim the Foliage

Living in Oregon, foliage surrounds us from almost every angle possible! Our evergreen landscape is mesmerizing and makes for intensive upkeep around the home. As the vegetation grows around the home rapidly, it will rub against the house. That connection is a perfect bridge between the home and the pests on the exterior.

This bridge severely affects pests entering your home because they can march right onto your roof. Professionals apply pest products around the foundation, rendering the service useless if the pests avoid the treatment altogether. Take time to prune trees and bushes at least twelve inches away to avoid this problem.

Sealing Up Entry Points

One of the significant steps to take for an eco-friendly pest control service is finding entry points around the home. Pests will find their way into the persistent gaps, cracks, and crevices in your home that you may overlook. The best way to stop pest activity is to prevent them from ever getting inside. There are certain pests that, once inside, will quickly spread around the home and even cause damage.

Additionally, there are other pests, like rodents, that you cannot control by using a pest product application. The best way to perform rodent exclusion is by sealing up entry points that rodents will squeeze through.  The mesh netting on more significant gaps will stop larger pests from getting in while allowing for adequate airflow. For other smaller openings using silicone or caulking will seal the cracks tightly, preventing insects from marching inside.

Minimal Product Application

An eco-friendly pest control service is at the helm of the pest professional’s discrepancy when applying different products. Depending on the pest issues, these products come with listed instructions on different mix rates and treatable areas. Typically, products will have different dilution or mix rates, determined by how strong the product is to be effective. Additionally, the products will have a set length on how far and how much must be applied to be effective.

Our Beaverton, Oregon, pest service providers must use the minimum product needed to complete the job. A pest professional should not approach their services with a one-size-fits-all service style. This style will result in overapplication and ineffective services that will keep pest activity consistent year-round. Instead, an eco-friendly pest control service will use the least product necessary to avoid environmental damage.

Why You Need Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Your home deserves to be free of pests because they can cause structural damage to property and even spread disease. Any sighting of pests inside the home will cause you to feel uneasy, unknowing where the others may be lurking. Signing up with a pest control service will eliminate these worries, but may bring on other possible issues.

Pest control services should leave you with peace of mind while also not harming the environment. Finding an eco-friendly pest control service will remove your worries about safety from pests and products! 

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