What is Mechanical Pest Control?

When it comes to servicing your home, pest control professionals have a few options available. There are different methods of controlling pests in the pest control industry ranging from chemical control to physical control. Physical control, or mechanical control, is the act of physically keeping controlling the pest populations. Understanding what is mechanical pest control will help with knowing what is involved in practical service.

Understanding What is Mechanical Pest Control

Pest professionals have been relying on mechanical pest control for years. Typically there are four main methods of pest control physical, chemical, cultural, and biological control. Among the four, physical control is a more environmentally friendly way of controlling pests.

The use of mechanical control involves physically removing or preventing pests from an area. Physical control is any way of controlling pest populations through barriers or even just hand-picking pests. Mechanical pest control is more effective with tools to assist with preventing or removing pests.

There is a range of devices pest professionals use to remove or prevent pests. Depending on the pest and activity level type, pest control professionals will use devices that allow for safe pest removal. By physically removing pests from an area, you can disrupt birthing cycles and relocate them to another suitable environment.

Wipe the Pests Away

A standard tool many pest professionals add to their arsenal are devices that wipe away spiders, egg sacs, and nests. They are referred to as web poles because they are primarily used to remove spider webs around a home. Web poles can also remove active wasp nests from a safe distance without risking the whole nest attacking the technician.

One of the most significant advantages web poles offer is not simply removing spider webs but removing egg sacs. Fully grown spiders will rebuild webs in no time, but eliminating egg sacs actively reduces a spider population around a home. Spiders place their egg sacs around a home to provide the new spiders a safe place to grow and live. Web poles physically remove the egg sacs and spiders to control local home populations.

Removing Wasps Nests

Wasps are difficult to prevent because there is no way to stop them from flying into a yard. When they present themselves and establish a nest, they can make it hard to enjoy your yard. For instance, physically removing the nest is the best way to ensure the wasps go away.

Placing Out Traps

Another form of mechanical pest control is through the use of traps. The use of traps dates back to the origins of pest control. They work by simply capturing a pest to be removed from the property. There are different forms of traps ranging from traps that kill to traps that stop pests in their tracks.

Keeping the Pests Out

Part of mechanical pest control includes performing exclusion work around a home. Exclusion work involves putting up physical barriers to keep pests from accessing the home. These barriers may include using material like steel wool, spray foam, caulking/silicone, mesh wiring, or any other blockade.

These materials will block holes, cracks, gaps, crawlspace vents, or anywhere that gives pests entry. Performing heavy exclusion work is part of understanding what is mechanical pest control.

Using Multiple Methods of Control

Pest control professionals may not opt to use only mechanical pest control but a variety of them at one time. A single pest control method will provide results, but for those looking for practical, lasting results, more than one is necessary. Different pest control methods are effective against various types of pests. What may work for some may not be as helpful against controlling other kinds of pests.

The best place to start with freeing your home of pests is with physical and mechanical pest control techniques. Where to put certain blockades and what to look for that is the challenge itself. For those who do not know the best way to perform mechanical pest control, contacting a pest control company is necessary.

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The best way to get the most results from mechanical pest control is through consistency. Getting on a routine program by a professional company will yield far more excellent results versus occasional treatment. Know what is mechanical pest control will help you with reducing pest activity around the house. However, pest professionals know how to use every pest control method correctly to reduce all-around activity.

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