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Quarterly Pest Control

There is no better way to prevent pests than by getting on a routine pest control service. Regular pest maintenance will help build up barriers around the home and stop active problems in their tracks. Pests are notorious for causing property damage and spreading harmful diseases to humans. With a quarterly pest control service, you are ensuring a safer home for you and your family.

From ants and spiders to mice and cockroaches, excellent quarterly service will protect your home from various pest activities. However, pest control does not need to be every week or every month event to remain effective. If a service is too frequent, there will be adverse effects on your home and the local ecosystem.

 Timing is Key

Pest control is much more than simply the application of professional pest products. Types of products,  number of products, and frequency of application play a role in the success of your program. Finding the right frequency for pest product application is essential because it will affect the overall outcome of the service. Some pests need a lot of time in between services for the product to be effective.

If applications are too close to each other, then the pests may never entirely leave the property. Certain ant products need time to travel back to the rest of the colony to be effective. If the ants never have a chance to make it back, the colony will continue to grow. Quarterly pest control services allow adequate timing for the product to be as effective as possible.

Local Experts with Local Knowledge

The Prime Pest Solutions team members are your local pest experts dedicated to providing you the best pest service possible. Our knowledge of the area and local pest activity affords us to provide you with such a fantastic service. A typical Prime Pest service is detail-oriented and accurate to reduce the need for excess product usage.

Prime Pest Solutions also offers quarterly services to provide your home with just what it needs to remain pest-free. Our quarterly services will give you the results you need while avoiding environmental damage. We also work to ensure the products have enough time to be fully effective before the subsequent treatment. The quarterly service your technician provides is multi-dimensional, meaning it will cover different types of pests around the home.

Our products require different applicators to ensure the home is safe from widespread pest activity.

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quarterly pest control treatment for insects

The Benefits of Quarterly Pest Control

Timing- Quarterly services occur every three months. A lot of local pests have breeding cycles that are just over three months long. We will always be by in time for another cycle to hatch and attempt to infest!

Environmental Effects- Monthly and Bimonthly service frequencies put the environment at much more significant risk. These close frequencies do not give the product time to break down before reapplication adequately. Products can build up and have detrimental effects on the surrounding areas after prolonged periods. Quarterly services give the product enough time to break down before the next service fully.

Saves you money- Instead of paying every month or every other month, rates are a lot more affordable when paid quarterly. Prime Pest Solutions’ quarterly service warranty is extensive and covers common pest invaders between each service.

Sanity- Routine pest program will help give you peace of mind!

Common Questions About Quarterly Pest Control

Is There Such Thing As Too Much?

Just like most things, too much of one thing is detrimental. In pest control, too frequent services will yield negative results for your home. When applications are too regular, the pests will infest elsewhere around the house. Typically services too close together will cause technicians to become lackadaisical when pests cease to exist in the same spot.

Build up of excess pest control products can begin to have adverse effects on the local ecosystem. Even the most environmentally friendly products will decimate a local environment when applications are too close to each other year-round. All pest control services need adequate timing in between each application to be fully effective.

Reversely, there is such a thing as too much time in-between services, which renders the previous service practically useless. Plus, pest products break down over time; when they do, the next service should be right around the corner.

Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth It?

When deciding on how the frequency of service, it is essential first to evaluate your needs. The amount of pest activity around your home will dictate how frequent of service you will need. In addition to the current activity, it is also essential to understand your tolerance of pests. For some homeowners seeing one bug is like seeing a thousand, or a thousand is like seeing one.

When deciding on a service frequency, understand what your expectations are going to be and determine! For almost everyone, a quarterly service is more than enough to cover the pests in our area. Quarterly pest control allows just enough for the products to do their job while also limiting excess environmental exposure. Overall, quarterly services are worth it and will provide ample coverage for everyone.

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Are you ready to hop on a quarterly pest control service? Give Prime Pest Solutions a call and see how we will exceed your expectations every time. Our company is full of Oregon’s best pest control experts dedicated to providing the best service your money can buy. The team at Prime Pest encourages and embraces a deep sense of community that every customer gets to experience.

The quarterly pest service with Prime Pest Solutions is comprehensive and leaves out no area of the home. Our technicians receive the industry’s best training throughout the year. We are always creating new treatment methods, constantly trying to hone our craft to provide the best service possible. Continually evolving our practices is how we keep your home pest-free and you safe at night.

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