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Yard Granulation

When it comes to protecting your home from pests, professional pest control technicians have several options available. Of course, not everything requires a liquid application, but leaving baits out is not the complete answer either. If a technician is to provide a quality service, they must analyze what each home needs. Yard granulation services are an excellent way for technicians to help get ahead of problems.

Granulating the yard allows you to target pests before they can get on or inside your home. Yards are home to millions of bacteria, insects, and other critters that you do not want inside your home. Not only do quality pest control services treat the house, but they stop the issue at the source. Your yard is a breeding ground for all these problems, and treating it will keep you protective instead of reactive.

Yard Granulation Extends Your Reach

Typically pest control services focus primarily on the home and fail to look around at other possible issues. Stopping pests from getting near the house is the ideal approach because it requires minimal product usage. Unfortunately, over different periods, even professional pest products wear down and lose their effectiveness. These periods are typically before the next quarterly service, which is the most common time to come across issues.

Yard granulation will stop pests from getting to the home when the barriers are wearing down. Extra service time also means your technician can continue to be proactive in other areas while building more substantial barriers. Granulating the yard will better fortify your home and get the most out of your service. Instead of just relying on a foundational treatment, yard granulation will help fight against the endless waves of pests.

Yard granulation spreading across lawn

Pests That Granulating Targets

There is more than one type of granule available to treat your yard. Since granules can target specific pests, they may have different ways of working. For instance, some granules need water to activate the product and cover a particular area. Other granules act more like baits and draw in certain pests to consume.

Some pests that granulating helps with are:

anthill on lawn path yard granules with remove ant colony

Some pests that granulating helps with are:

  • Ants– Often, granules will act as bait for the massive colonies to carry back to the nest.
  • Spiders– Granules set to target spiders act as repellents which stops them from getting to the home.
  • Fleas & Ticks- Granulation is a common step in treating fleas and ticks because they nest in the grass.
  • Crickets- Just like spiders, granules that target crickets repel them away from the yard.
spiders leave their web and go inside homes
granules on lawn last longer than spray treatment

Liquid vs Granulation

Effective pest control includes a variety of pest products that cover different areas of the home. Widespread coverage gives your home a much stronger layer of protection by raising the barrier for entry. Unfortunately, in pest control, there is not a one-size-fits-all product to handle all your problems. Each quarterly service includes a combination of liquid and granule applications.

Liquid foundation treatments are the central part of the service because they are the actual barrier to the home. The granule application is a necessary accessory product because they reduce general populations trying to make it to the house. Granules will not provide as much protection as a liquid but will allow the liquid to work better.

Granules that are baits will direct specific pest traffic in whichever direction is necessary for treatment. They will also lure pests to an area where a liquid product is active.

Types of Granules

Different granules have varying modes of action depending on the pest species. Therefore, having different types of granules available helps with getting maximum results. Another benefit of having other granules available is varying weather conditions.


  • Repellent- Granules that act as repellents will push away any incoming bugs and stop any current activity inside the yard. These granules typically need water to work because the product will seep off the granules.
  • Bait- Granules that act as baits will attract pests in, so they can pick up the granules. Pests like ants will pick up the granules and take them back for the colony to feast on and leave the area.

Granulation Safety

Though spreading pest products over the lawn and other treatable areas may seem weird, their safety is supreme. Most granules have specific pests that they target that do not bear any effect on other living organisms. Typically these granule products will also be at such a low dose that nothing else will be in harm’s way. Granules provide eco-friendly pest control over the lawn to protect you when you are enjoying your yard.

granules to be spread across lawn

Yard Granulation with Prime Pest Solutions

Are you ready to experience all the great benefits of granulation on your lawn? The Prime Pest Solutions team is prepared to help you out with the best service in the industry. Our technicians will choose appropriate granule products that will safely protect your home and yard from pests. Unfortunately, Oregon presents attractive conditions for problems to fester and thrive right in our backyards without apparent signs.