Do Ants Bite?

Anyone who has spent time around ants knows how quickly they will swarm when disturbed. Ants use their large colony numbers to takedown threats by invading threats and overwhelming intruders. There is no worse feeling than looking down to see dozens of ants crawling on your legs. These tiny creatures can inflict enough pain to make you question, “Do ants bite?”

It may come as no mystery that ants, indeed, bite! They have intricate mouth parts that allow them to deliver bites that leave a sharp sting. One bite may not be the most devastating, but when half the colony attacks, any threat is easy to cripple.

When Do Ants Bite? Reasons For Biting

Ants bite for a multitude of reasons, just like human beings! However, since ants do not have as functional a body as humans, their mouths play a more significant role. An ant’s mouth has several daily uses, ranging from protection to harvesting. While scavenging, they will bite parts off food sources like leaves to harvest and bring back to the colony.

Another primary function of an ant bite is protection and eating. Ants will bite on anything that threatens the colony, and some species will even sting. Most of the time, ants bite when they feel themselves, or the colony is under attack. Whether intentional or not, a threat is nothing that ants take lightly due to their tiny sizes.

Ants inside a colony will sacrifice themselves to stop the threat and ensure the colony continues to survive.

close up photo of an open ant mandible

Types of Ants That Bite

  • Carpenter Ants:
    This species is one of the largest ant species that will bite humans. Their bite is not dangerous to human health, minus general irritation and pain. Carpenter Ants are a common species in Oregon to consume wood, especially wood inside homes threatening your home’s structural integrity.
  • Velvety Tree Ants:
    These ants are often confused with Carpenter and Odorous House Ants due to their appearance and odor when squished. However, these ants pack a painful bite that causes a lot of pain. Velvety Tree Ants have velvet-like hair around their bodies, acting as a unique identifier.
  • Fire Ants:
    Out of all the ants to fear, the Fire Ant takes the crown. When this ant specie bites, it leaves a lasting pain that goes white bumps in the affected area. Fire Ants will sting rather than taste, and with each sting, they release venom.
Types of Ants That Bite

Bite vs. Sting

It is important to remember that there are twelve thousand known ant species worldwide. Additionally, ninety-three active ant species in Oregon alone take on various shapes and colors. The reality of all ant species is they are all capable of biting; however, some are just not known to bite humans. However, some species like the Fire Ant have stingers similar to bees and wasps.

The ant species with stingers generally release venom with each sting to ensure their threat is gone. These aggressive species are the most dangerous to get stung by because of their overwhelming numbers and venom.

What is the difference between an ant bite and a sting?
Symptoms of An Ant Bite

Symptoms Of An Ant Bite

When ants bite, there may be a few visible symptoms depending on the species and severity of the bite. It is essential to understand that most ant species do not directly threaten human health minus general irritations. However, that does not leave exceptions, especially if someone is allergic to a particular ant species.

Most ant bite symptoms include:

  • Pinch of the skin
  • General redness at the location of the bite
  • Mild swelling (again, depending on severity.)

More intense symptoms may look like this:

  • Pain or Burning
  • Hives
  • Itchiness
  • Tight chest and respiratory struggles
  • Dizziness

The more severe instances are for those who are allergic to ants or mass attacks by the colony.

Stop Taking Risks With Ants

Do you know if you are allergic to ants in your area? Ant bites are only consistent with ant activity, specifically inside the home. Ants are crafty pests that can find their way inside your home with extreme ease. Preventive measures will help combat the likelihood of ants biting you or your loved ones.

Prime Pest Solutions offers ant control to rid your home of any current activity and prevent future infestations. We will identify any active ant species around your home and create a custom plan to create lasting pest-free results. Contact us today to learn more about our any control program and schedule your first service. Do not risk the potential health consequences ant bites can bring to you or your family!

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