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Best Pest Control 

Hiring a pest control company is one of the best ways to prevent a widespread pest infestation. Typically people only think of hiring a pest control company after noticeable pest activity, and prevention is not viable. Getting started on a professional pest program will ensure fewer headaches when the activity occurs around the home. Searching for the best pest control near me is a great way to find qualified companies to treat your home.

Searching for the right pest control company can sometimes be a hassle due to a range of factors. Much more goes into an effective pest program than simply spraying products around the home. Considering essential aspects will be the best place to start when vetting pest control companies.

Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Company

Hiring a pest control company offers more benefits than simply ridding your home of bugs.

peace of mind because of the best pest control

Peace of Mind

There is nothing worse than waking up to find your kitchen flooding with ants. When you hire a pest control company, you will have an entire company available to support you through pest emergencies.

peace of mind because of the best pest control

Future Mitigation 

A routine pest control program will start to target local pests around your home and disrupt breeding cycles. In addition, the spring and summer months of pest activity increasing will begin to dwindle when you start a regular program.

peace of mind because of the best pest control

Save Money

When you regularly prevent pest outbreaks, you save yourself future stressors from pests and money. Pest infestations cost more money, in the end, to remove when compared to homes receiving regular treatment. 

giant spider control for rocks outside of house

Giant House Spider

This is the most terrifying and biggest spider species Oregon homeowners will find. Giant House Spiders are one of the largest and fastest spider species.

prevent carpenter ants from destroying the wood on inside and outside your home with the best pest control

Carpenter Ants

This ant species is considered a Wood Destroying Insect, which is terrible news for the wood holding up your home. They will silently eat away the structural integrity of your home with their intricate colony inside the wall voids.

Beaverton Oregon rodent control for brown rats on your property from Prime Pest Solutions

Norway Rat

This rodent is the most destructive and disgusting pest that will invade your home. They cause property destruction with their endlessly growing incisors and will spread diseases like salmonellosis through their urine and feces.

pavement ants marching in a line

Yellow Jackets

These are vicious flying insects that build large nests typically near patios and eves. They are hyper-aggressive and will sting if they feel even remotely intimidated. Professional Yellow Jacket control is the way to safeguard your home from these flying pests.

Prevalent Pest Entry Points

Any home provides pests with countless ways to sneak inside without detection. When looking for the best pest control, look for a company that inspects and targets high traffic areas every service. Over time this will slow everyday pest traffic because they will have to fight through the barriers that your pest team will create.

Some common entry points include:

  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces & crawlspace vents
  • Doors with inadequate weather stripping
  • Windows with no screens
  • Gaps in foundation and siding
  • Roofing vents (Exhaust vents and unused chimneys)
  • Gutters
  • People (Pests can catch a ride on you or your items such as backpacks, grocery bags, etc.)
  • Baseboards
  • Window trim (Fluctuating weather and temperatures cause frames to settle and develop gaps.)

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

Is pest control safe?

Yes! The best pest control practices place safety as a top priority for you, your family, your home, and the environment.

Will pest control eliminate pest activity?

Pest professionals cannot be at your home all day, and indeed some activities will slip through. Some pests, such as ants, are more stubborn than others and will require a few visits from your pest professionals. Finding a pest control company that warranties their work will yield near-perfect results.

Why hire a pest control company at all?

Many individuals do not consider hiring a pest professional until the activity is rampant, leaving you with an uphill battle. The best pest control companies will provide long-term solutions to pest problems by addressing specific pests with properly targeted products so there is no resistance to treatment.

Pest Prevention Tips

Here are a few tips that you can implement to bolster your pest control program!

Reduce Moisture- Moisture draws the majority of pest activity to one area. Understandably, pests require water just like we do, albeit not as much. Nonetheless, finding heavy moisture areas and drying them up will reduce general pest activity around the home.

Regular Cleaning- Routine cleaning such as mopping will help reduce the build-up that pests love. Regular vacuuming will remove any eggs laid on the carpet, ensuring they never hatch and spread around the home. Additionally, wiping down counters will de-incentivize pests from wanting to come inside and harvest food crumbs and other possible sources.

Yard Maintenance- Simply trimming trees away from home will remove the land bridge between your yard and home. Additionally, maintaining growing shrubs and grass allows adequate airflow to reduce moisture build-up.

granules to remove and prevent pests

Pest Control Service Details

An effective service will look like the following:

De-webbing- Removing active spider webs and their eggs will curb present and future spider activity. Additionally, you will also enjoy the benefits of your home not looking like a haunted house.

Inspection- The technician should inspect the entirety of at least the home’s exterior at every service. They need to look for current pest activity and signs of pest problems building up. Inspection is the best way to get a customized treatment at every service.

Granulation- Granulating foliage and grass will stop pests from breeding in these areas and halt activity on the outside.

Spraying- This is the core of the best pest control company’s treatment program. Pest professionals spray pest products onto the home to create barriers, stopping any activity trying to get inside.

pesticide to treat and remove insects and spiders

Finding the Best Pest Control Near Me

When searching for the best pest control company, consider a local organization that knows what you need. Prime Pest Solutions provides homeowners with a comprehensive service that will target local pest activity yielding the greatest results. In addition, our pest experts understand how to identify and remove specific pest activities from your home effectively.

Rest assured knowing you have the best pest control team in the area protecting your home from an activity. Contact us today to find the time for our team to stop by and start removing all your pest worries!