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Prime Pest Solutions gets rid of house ants in Tualatin 2023

Tualatin Ant Control

Ants are the bane of every Tualatin homeowner’s existence because they are persistent and swarm in numbers. When an infestation occurs, it feels like a valve opened, and endless amounts of ants flood the home. They still flow even if you try to use store-bought products and cleaners. Tualatin ant control is one of the best ways to ensure your home remains ant-free all year.

Ants, Ants, Ants Everywhere!

For many homeowners in Tualatin, it feels like ants will come out of every nook and cranny around the home. At first, it is not a big deal, but over time it can become extremely frustrating as they continue to make ground. It can feel like no other solution for ridding the ants exists as they keep marching inside the home.

Ants are capable of accessing the home through the tiniest pinhole if necessary, which is what makes them so challenging. In fact, out of every pest in Tualatin, ants are the most difficult pest to control and remove from the home. When homeowners call professional pest services, it is already an uphill battle because they are already inside.

Types of Ants in Tualatin 

Tualatin is home to hundreds of ant species, encompassing Tualatin Ant Control programs. Fortunately, homeowners should expect to see only a few common species; nonetheless, they are still frustrating regardless of species. Here are some of the most common ant species homeowners in Tualatin can expect to see.   

odorous house ants eating honeydew

Odorous House Ants

The Odorous House Ants earn their name because of the odor they secrete when someone squishes them. The scent is similar to a rotten, minty coconut scent and is a key identifier when determining species. An Odorous House Ant is the smallest out of all the common house ants and the most prevalent.

Another key indicator of the Odorous House Ant is the proportion of their abdomen to their heads. The abdomen is generally much larger than the other body segments, which is how professionals identify them without squishing them.

stop carpenter ant damage with Prime Pest Solutions professional treatments

Carpenter Ants

The Carpenter Ant is Tualatin’s most feared ant species because it destroys wood. Though Carpenter Ants consume wood, their damage takes some time to take effect. However, this does not dismiss the risk of potentially hosting a large colony inside wall voids. Despite Carpenter Ants being the largest ant species in Tualatin, they are still small and capable of squeezing anywhere.

It is possible to have several Carpenter Ant colonies in the wall voids for years and eventually cause damage. The most significant risk Carpenter Ants pose is eating away at critical structures responsible for the home’s integrity. Repairing structural damage is very expensive and leaves those living in the house at risk of injury.

pavement ants all over walk path Prime Pest Solutions keeps them off

Pavement Ants

Another common ant species in Tualatin is the Pavement Ant; as one may guess, they nest in the pavement. However, they will still find their way inside if they encounter the opportunity. It is more likely to see Pavement Ants inside the home versus Carpenter Ants because Carpenters are looking for wood.

Pavement Ants are most commonly mistaken for Odorous House Ants because they look similar at first glance. However, the most noticeable differences are the body segment proportions; unlike Odorous House Ants, every feature of Pavement Ants is identical in size from head to abdomen.

velvety tree ants smell like rotten coconuts

Velvety Tree Ants

Finding Velvety Tree Ants in the home is less common than the other species listed, but still a possibility. The name comes from their physical appearance and ideal living habitats. When you examine these ants, you will notice they are faintly covered in hair while being yellowish-red. The most common way they get inside is when trees grow onto the home because they live in trees.

They are also wood destroyers, so they pose a risk to the home, but only sometimes. Generally, if these ants are chewing on your home, it is because of a moisture issue. It is important to note that the Velvety Tree Ant’s bite is noticeably more painful than other ants.

Tualatin Ant Control Tactics

Below are different recommendations to try some Tualatin ant control techniques around your home to help prevent ant activity. Often, ant activity can be reduced or even prevented if you implement some of the tips below. Fortunately, these tips are also good general practices for home ownership since they mostly revolve around caring for your home.

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Sealing Up Access Points

If the ants cannot get in, they cannot bother you! Covering up all possible entry points ensures ants cannot enter, but this is more difficult than it sounds. Some ants can slip into places we cannot see with the naked eye. It is nearly impossible to seal the entire home completely; however, covering all the major areas will reduce general activity.

Additionally, if you know the sealed areas, it is easier to redirect potential traffic when tracking them. Using silicone or caulking and filling any gaps and cracks around the home will help. Check places like baseboards, cracks, and holes on the foundation and anywhere that leads from the outside.

Prioritize Home Hygiene

Regularly cleaning the home is the best way to deter ants since they are looking for opportunities. Ants will feast on scraps or any other container full of food if given a chance. In addition, regular cleaning removes attractants and other pests.

Professional Tualatin Ant Control Benefits

Many homeowners try to take on their ant problems alone, which often leads to issues getting out of hand. Most store-bought products only fan the flames when it comes to ants because they do not target the colony. Having a professional team on your side is the best way to ensure your ant problems stay manageable.

stop ants from coming inside with quarterly pest control

The Problem with Store-Bought Products

Many store-bought products offer different results than professional pest control products against ants. For example, when getting rid of ants, the products must target the colony rather than the immediate ants.

Often, store-bought products stop the ants too quickly instead of transferring the product back to the colony. Eventually, the ants will learn to avoid the treated area and access the home elsewhere, rendering the treatment ineffective.

Emergency Infestations

Getting a professional Tualatin Ant Control program for your home assures you when ants pop up out of nowhere. Trying to stop a complete infestation is difficult and often becomes overwhelming because the ants will not stop! Tualatin Ant Control programs help when you need them most and are the best way to reduce infestations drastically.

The most significant difference between a DIY and professional pest treatment is longevity. Even if a DIY problem fixes the problem, there is usually a small window of no activity. Professional pest treatments offer the best results in longevity.

Tualatin Ant Control is Easier Together

Your home needs to remain a private sanctuary for you and your family to live and relax in every day. Ant infestations grossly reduce the ability to relax and even leave homeowners feeling disgusted in their own homes. Everyone is bound to run into ants, but taking the proper steps to prevent activity will reduce damage.

Contact Prime Pest Solutions to get the best Tualatin Ant Control program around. Our ant control services will stop and prevent future infestations and offer peace of mind. Start today to get back to enjoying your home all to yourself!