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Tigard Wasp Control

Spending time in your backyard is one of the greatest luxuries of owning a home in Tigard. There is nothing better than eating dinner or playing in the yard with your kids when the weather is correct. Unfortunately, wasps and other critters enjoy spending time in your yard, and they can get quite territorial. Tigard wasps control will help prevent wasps from taking over your yard and home.

The wasps that live in Tigard are notorious for nesting around residential homes and inducing fear in homeowners. Wasps can be extremely intimidating because of their short temperaments and territorial tendencies. They are most active in the spring and summer months which, coincidentally, is when people spend the most time outside.

Not Just Buzzing Around

The wasps in Tigard have a few tactics to intimidate and encourage potential threats to leave. They are territorial and do not enjoy sharing what they think is their yard, despite not offering to pay rent! One of the scariest parts about wasps is their lack of warning when they decide to attack a potential threat. Wasps do carry a reputation for attacking out of nowhere; however, typically, they try to give potential threats a warning.

There are a few indicators that wasps present when they feel threatened, but the most obvious is the fly-by. Typically, they will fly by the potential threat, warning them. Fly-bys deter potential danger and alert them if they do not leave; the wasp will attack.

wasps loving eating watermelon fruit close up

The Wasp Colony Hierarchy

Wasps are social insects because of their intricate colony structure. A single wasp cannot survive independently like other pests; they depend on a well-structured colony to thrive. Two main classes in a wasp colony are essential for the colony’s survival.


This class consists of the Queen and fertile males responsible for reproduction and growing the colony. The Queen must continue developing and maintaining the territory; otherwise, another fertile female will take her place. This class is focused solely on growth and depends on the workers to handle the day-to-day tasks.


The workers are simply unfertile females tasked with maintaining the colony. They build and repair any damage to the nest, feed the larvae, and even protect against threats. If you see a wasp outside the nest, it will likely be a worker.

Wasp Species in Tigard

yellow jacket wasp have visible hair its head

Tigard Yellow Jacket Control

The Yellow Jacket is the most known and feared wasp in Tigard. They look like Paper Wasps, but it is essential to identify the body segmentation. You need a Tigard wasp control expert to remove a Yellow Jacket nest safely.

mud dauber wasp control around Tigard area

Tigard Mud Dauber Control

Mud Dauber is one of the most intimidating-looking wasps in Tigard. Fear not, though. Mud Daubers are extremely non-confrontational and will likely fly away even when provoked. They create dirt clumps that they lay their eggs in, typically located on eaves of roofs away from the ground.

paper wasp control for Tigard

Tigard Paper Wasp Control

Paper Wasps are next in line for fear due to their naturally aggressive behavior. They are less aggressive than Yellow Jackets and only build nests on eaves of homes using the fibrous material they scavenge.

The Good Wasps Bring

Most people argue and claim that wasps do not have any other purpose than to torment and terrorize people, but this is not true. As intimidating as wasps, they provide some value and have a sense of this world. It is hard to believe, but it is important to highlight these benefits, as wasps are part of our environment.


On a spring or summer day, you can see plenty of honey bees busy working in your garden. Among those bees, you will most likely find a wasp working hard. Wasps act as natural pollinators, much like bees, but on a significantly smaller scale.

Wasp Are Pest Control Too

Wasps assist our team to help control pests around your home. Being natural predators will help reduce other pest populations around your home.

wasp pollinating purple flower while eating aphids

Places to Find a Wasp Nest

The biggest challenge for every Tigard wasp control expert is locating the nest. The nests can be hidden highly well depending on the species since wasps can fit into tight places. It is certainly not uncommon for wasps to sneak through gaps and cracks in siding to find their way into attics.

If you see an increase in wasp activity, it might be best to check the following places.

  • Playground
  • Eves around homes leading to the attic
  • Old tree stumps (Yellow Jackets will nest underground)
  • Bushes
  • Hanging from tree branches
  • Garages
  • Wall voids
  • Garden sheds
  • Compost piles

If you are going to inspect for a possible wasp nest, you must proceed with caution. It is easy to accidentally stumble on a nest and swarm quickly by the colony. The safest option is to have a professional wasp control expert inspect the area for active nests.

active wasp nest in attic need a professional to remove after seeing wasps in the backyard

The Risk of Keeping Wasps Around

The most common place to find a wasp nest around your home is at the highest eve on your roof. Allowing them to stay is giving them permission to move and grow. Wasp nests are continuously increasing and may become more active in your yard. When a wasp nest pops up, it is essential to remove it to ensure they do not grow.

Wasps like to eat meat and other sugary items, so a relaxing evening on your patio can quickly change. If they find a food source like garbage in your trash can, they will continue to invade those areas. Even if they are not bothering you, wasps are unpredictable and should not be allowed to stay around your home.

Finding Tigard Wasp Control Experts

Fortunately for you, Prime Pest Solutions provides premium wasp control services designed to keep wasps out. Wasps are hard to deter and tend to show up whenever, but we are there as soon as they arrive! Our team understands how to identify and treat the different species of wasps in Tigard. You will need a certain amount of safety equipment when removing a nest because wasps will inevitably attack if provoked.

If wasps stop you and your family from enjoying your home, contact us right away. We are the preferred Tigard wasp control experts for many homeowners because of our premium pest services and quick response. Our commitment to you is to ensure you feel comfortable in your home against wasps and other pests!