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Tigard Spider Control

Spiders are a completely natural and necessary part of our local and global ecosystem here in Tigard. They eat a lot of other bugs crawling around our yards and sometimes create decorative webs. To some, spiders are peaceful until one crawls across your lap, only taking a brief moment for panic to ensue. Spider activity is why many Tigard homeowners are proactive in finding their local Tigard spider control team.

These creepy crawlers are inevitable for everyone in Tigard because of the colorful land we live within. The vast trees and plant life house various bugs that spiders prey upon night and day. Spiders are excellent predators because they take a proactive and reactive approach to hunting. However, spiders do not have a place living in your among you and your family!

Spiders Belong Outside

The spiders inside your home may be helpful when it comes to controlling other pest populations. However, this natural pest control does not mean that they are helping ease your nerves when one crawls across your foot. Many people are terrified at the single sighting of a spider regardless of the spider’s intent. A spider web can also make your cozy, welcoming home look like a haunted house to visitors.

The best place for spiders to live is outside your home in their natural habitat. Spiders can still effectively reduce general pest activity outside while living where they belong. A quarterly pest service will ensure that spiders and other pests remain out of your home. They should be outside where their prey population is plentiful and let you finally relax without worrying about hidden visitors. 

Spider Species in Tigard

orb weaver garden spider control for yards in Tigard

Garden Spider Control in Tigard

This spider is the most common species in Tigard by far. Garden spiders earn their names because they reside in gardens and other areas with dense plants. They also may be known as “Orb Weavers” because of the type of webs they cast.

Hobo Spider Control These Traveling Spiders

They have the name Hobo because they are not known to be a native Oregon species. They were “picked up” by most likely cargo when initially traveling to the Northwest. There is a misconception that Hobo spider bites are dangerous, yet there are no recorded cases.

hobo or funnel web spider control in Tigard
wolf spider control removing the spiders only no webs made

Wolf Spiders Need Removal

The Wolf spiders are a few spider species that do not use webs. Instead, their preferred method of hunting involves sprinting towards their often slower prey. These giant spiders in Tigard need removal from your home from Prime Pest Solutions right away.

Tigard spider control will promise your home keeps all of these species and many more out of your home!

Sneaky Spiders!

There are various ways that a spider can find itself inside your home without you ever knowing. Being such versatile creatures, spiders can sneak in almost anywhere that presents even a slight opening.

  • Cracked windows and open doors are the most accessible access points for spiders to gain entry.
  • Weatherstripping on exterior doors is one of the most overlooked entry points. When weatherstripping deteriorates, the bottom of the doors begins to open.
  • Spiders are well known for climbing through air ducts and other HVAC components.
  • Some spiders can even climb up plumbing lines or follow cables that lead inside from the exterior.
  • Some other common ways they can get inside include being brought inside from outside items. Firewood or potted plants are common items to find spiders0 inside or near.

Random Spider Facts

  • All spiders can produce silk, but not all of them make webs. Others will create funnels, cocoons, anchors, wrap their prey in it, or even use it as a dragline!
  • Spiders cannot see things from far distances because they are only nearsighted.
  • There are species of spiders where spider cannibalism is a natural part of the mating cycle. Like the Red Widow, some species of spiders, the male will place himself in her mandibles until she eats him!
  • Humans have red blood, whereas spiders have blue blood. Oxygen in spiders binds to compounds that contain copper instead of oxygen binding to compounds with iron in humans.

Keeping the Spiders Out

Everyone wants the magical secret to preventing spiders from entering in your home, but the truth is there is none! To completely prevent them is near-impossible without a Tigard spider control expert. However, there are certain things you can do around your home to mitigate general spider activity.

  • Ensure you maintain your home’s cleanliness like frequent mopping, removing garbage, and cleaning up messes. This will reduce other pest activity in the home, which naturally lures spiders to the area for hunting.
  • Remove spider webs as you see them. Even if the spider is not present, removing the webs will force them to leave. They will not want to stay in an environment that may be too dangerous for them.
  • Send in the Tigard spider control experts to keep the spider and other pests out!
spider control in Tigard area

Your Local Tigard Spider Control

Spider activity inside your home is inevitable for everyone because different species are active in the city. When it comes to determining whether you need pest services, it is always best to be proactive. Most people do not think they require pest control services until the activity is present and flooding the home. Our Tigard spider control experts at Prime Pest Solutions are the people you need before danger strikes.

We will ensure your home remains spider-free with our frequent inspections and dewebbing services at every quarterly pest control treatment. Additionally, our team will find the target areas around your home that are condusaive to spider activity. Please do not wait till it is too late to control the spiders in your home contact us today. Everyone deserves a safe home to live in without worrying about spiders and other pests invading your personal space.