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Tigard Ant Control

Finding ants inside your home is one of the most annoying occurrences homeowners in Tigard experience throughout the year. Tigard homeowners can expect ants to be active around their homes all year long. The ant seems to creep up out of nowhere with absolutely no warning, often brought on by varying weather. Tigard ant control is a great way to ensure this annual problem is no longer a worry of yours.

The best way to ensure your house remains ant-free is to get ahead of the problems before they evolve. Ants are complex insects capable of growing in your home without you ever knowing. Once inside, the ants will quickly grow to be a pain if uncontrolled as soon as possible. Fortunately, professionals can eliminate ant colonies with ease using good techniques and effective product placement.

Ants Are Everywhere

The ever-so ants are able to squeeze through any crack that leads to entry inside and your home. Even the slightest gap is enough for them to squeeze through and create pheromone trails around the home. Inspecting your home for any open gap, crack, or crevice will greatly help combat infestations throughout your entire house.

You can seal any opening with material like caulking and silicon and ensure the gap is completely sealed. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely seal every opening around your home from ants being able to enter. When ants continue to trail after your inspection, it may be time to find a professional Tigard ant control team. A professional pest service will help save you time and frustrations year-round when ants begin to strike.

Types of Ants in Tigard

odorous house ants eating aphids on a leaf

Odorous House Ants

These ants are the most common species homeowners will find in Tigard. They are the tiniest species, and they earn their name because of the odor their bodies release when squashed. They look identical to pavement ants, except their abdomen is enlarged when compared to the rest of their body.

pavement ants marching in a line

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are less likely to be found inside when compared to Odorous House ants. Homeowners will more likely find them trailing around the driveway and exterior home entrances. Unlike Odorous House ants, Pavement ants have an equally segmented body but share a similar size.


carpenter ants build their nest inside of wood

Carpenter Ants

Everyone fears the notorious Carpenter ants infesting their home. Carpenter ants are considered wood-destroying insects and are capable of causing damage to homes. They are also the largest of the ant species in Tigard, but fortunately, they are less common than the others.

The Dangers of Ant Infestations

Even though ants are more of a nuisance than anything, there are a few dangers they pose. It typically requires a long-term exposure for noticeable effects; however, it is not something you should allow from the start.

Ants have extremely aggressive breeding and hatching cycles that will quickly take over the home. It will take almost no time for what looks like a harmless trail to be a heavy infestation. Once ants have enough time to establish a colony, it may be an uphill battle to get rid of them.

Additionally, ants have a tendency to carry bacteria on their bodies which will spread over time. They are best known for sneaking into food packaging that will result in you having to throw away everything.

If your home has a Carpenter Ant outbreak, then the structure of your home may be at great risk of damage.

Ways to Prevent Ant Infestations

Completely stopping ants around the home is a near-impossible task because of how aggressive they are in Tigard. However, taking some steps to prevent general activity will reduce the likelihood of total infestations.


Prevention steps include:

  • Seal any possible entrances- Using silicone or caulking on places you see ants sneaking through.
  • Maintain good hygiene standards- Wiping away crumbs, regular vacuuming/mopping, and taking out trash/waste frequently.
  • Put food items in closed containers- Any container that seals will prevent ants from being able to detect the food and keep them away. This is also a good idea for pet food and waste bins.
  • Ensure your yard is well-maintained- Regular yard maintenance will allow adequate airflow, so there’s less moisture. Yard work also disturbs ant colonies and forces them to move.
  • Hire a professional pest service- Their knowledge and tools will help eliminate colonies from the property.
Taking Down the Whole Colony

The goal of any pest professional is to detect and take out the colony completely. Targeting only trailing ants is like putting a band-aid on a problem wound that requires stitches. Directly addressing the colony is the best step to take when trying to take out an ant colony. However, due to their ability to grow colonies in hard-to-reach places, locating the colony is tricky.

Your pest professional is going to use tools that will allow them to penetrate an ant colony indirectly. Effective ant products do not instantly kill that walk across because this would not stop the whole colony. Instead, these products attack their central nervous system, transmitting to other ants. Being eusocial insects, ants are in constant contact with each other, which makes transmission quick.

It may still take a few days to see the activity completely gone; this method provides a permanent solution.

ant control for Tigard area

Finding the Best Tigard Ant Control

Living in Tigard, ants are a certainty that everyone will encounter at some point. Get ahead of the problem to save you loads of time, money, and stress by cutting off breeding cycles early. Ants are incredibly swift when it comes to infesting an area of your home that provides the colony with ample resources. Finding a team that will make sure your home remains ant-free starts with the quality of service.

Prime Pest Solutions is a local pest control company ready to provide you with the best quarterly pest service around. The Prime Pest team consists of industry professionals that know exactly what your home needs to keep the ants out. Contact us when you are ready to finally stand your ground against the endless ant colonies in your neighborhood.