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Tanasbourne Ant Control

Ants can be pesky little critters that can quickly ruin the aesthetic of your home and give you the heebie-jeebies. Not only are they unsightly, but ants can also cause significant damage to your home’s interior and exterior. Fortunately, you can take some preventative measures to avoid ant infestations in your house. Anyone living in Tanasbourne knows ant control is a must-have because of how rampant activity is in our area.

Ants may not seem threatening, but these pests are highly invasive, often decimating everything within their war path. In addition, most species are hyper-aggressive and will not hesitate to bite someone even if they are standing innocently in their way. Fortunately, most species are not immediate threats to human health; however, enough exposure from an ant can cause issues.

There is no shortage of ants, so learning how to control them is necessary information for any homeowner in Tanasbourne.

queen ant is much larger in size compared to workers and drones

Tanasbourne Ant Control Knowledge

We have more in common with ants than most humans realize or care to admit! Both of our species are highly social and depend on each other for survival. When an ant (or human) lives alone, survival becomes more complex, and chances for a long, happy life diminish.

Like humans who have different components of our social hierarchy within our lives, ants have one too! However, ants have one colony; they abide by strict rules, promising never to break away from their roles and responsibilities.

An ant colony consists of three major components: The Queens, Drones, and Workers. These roles play a critical role in the colony’s survival, despite having drastically different roles and responsibilities. The Queen wears the most crucial title because she is the only one who will procreate for the next generation.

Ant Species Covered in Tanasbourne Ant Control

Tanasbourne is home to several types of ants that will appear in your home. Fortunately, out of the ninety-seven species in Oregon, only four specific ones are likely to appear.

coconut ant or odorous house ant problem

Odorous House Ants

This species is the most common and prolific ant to infest Tanasbourne homes. The Odorous House Ant secretes a specific smell that can only be described as rotten, minty coconut.

ant control treatment on your sidewalks prevents anthills

Pavement Ants

It is not uncommon to find Pavement Ants nesting in the cracks of driveways, garages, and kitchens. Pavement Ants are often mistaken for Odorous House Ants; however, Pavement Ants have proportional in the head and abdomens.

carpenter ants destroys wood Prime Pest Solutions treatment removes them

Carpenter Ants

Everyone fears the Carpenter Ant because of their destructive tendencies. These ants will chew through wood inside the wall voids, possibly the same structures holding up the home. Damages caused by Carpenter Ants will pose potential safety risks and cost extra money to repair.   

Dangers of Not Having Tanasbourne Ant Control

Almost every household pest poses a hazard to humans in some way or another, and ants are no exception. Many ants pose the same risks; however, some species can inflict more damage than others. The two main concerns that uncontrolled ants threaten are the danger to health and property.

Human Health Hazard

Most ants do not carry terrifying diseases that cause severe damage to health, but they are certainly not innocent. Think where the ants come and go in your home; they are everywhere! Ants will live in wall voids, gardens, trash bins, compost piles, and almost anywhere else. Their bodies collect bacteria that do not wash away quickly as they travel through every crack and crevice.

If you ever find ants infesting your pantry and roaming freely in your rice or chip bags, it is best to throw away all the contents. The wastefulness does add up, but it is much better than possibly getting sick from consuming bacteria on accident.

ants walking on food after walking on fifthly surfaces throw away don't eat

Property Damages

Anytime ants stay too long in one area of the home, there will undoubtedly be some wear and tear. For example, Carpenter Ants and Velvety Tree Ants consume wood as they carve their tunnels quietly in the wall voids.

Since they are so small, you may only know once massive damage becomes apparent, which will be expensive. However, it does take a decent amount of time, possibly years, before damages reach a critical point of structural damage. Tanasbourne ant control provides year-round protection against damages caused by these pests’ presence.

carpenter ants destroy wood

Signs You Need Tanasbourne Ant Control

Fortunately, it is not too difficult to spot an ant infestation if there is an active colony in the home. However, seeing the ants yourself is the most significant and common indicator of an ant infestation.
Nothing is worse than an ant infestation taking over the kitchen or pantry. Their persistence usually continues even after addressing them one time; they often require multiple treatments. In addition, ants are difficult to control because of their small size and vast colony populations.

An ant colony has hundreds, sometimes thousands, of ants wired for survival. Ants solve and address threats their problems by using their large numbers to swarm and overwhelm their attacker. The same practice applies to harvesting; killing some ants will not do much because the colony continues to send more.

Tanasbourne ant control targets ant colonies at their core to eliminate them for good.

What to Do If You Find Ant Activity

If you find evidence of an ant infestation in your home, don’t panic! Instead, call a professional pest control company to quickly and effectively address the problem before more ants arrive. The pest technician will assess the situation and develop the best plan for removing the pests and preventing future invasions.

screen doors with holes will let insects inside

Identifying Potential Entry Points

The first step in avoiding an ant infestation is to identify potential entry points where they may enter your home. Common entry points include cracks and crevices around windows, doors, foundations, and under unsealed windows and doors.
Additionally, it’s important to inspect plumbing fixtures, woodpiles, and nearby trees for any openings or signs of activity. If you find any potential entry points, it is best to seal them immediately with caulk or another sealant.

ant colony finding bread crumbs on the floor

Keeping Your Home Clean

Cleanliness is key when trying to avoid ant infestations! Be sure to vacuum often and wipe down countertops with a cleaner that has anti-bacterial properties. Store food properly by keeping it sealed in airtight containers or placing it in the fridge if possible.
Remember that ants are attracted to sugar and grease, so ensure these items are cleaned up quickly after use! Keeping a clean house will help discourage ants from making their way inside.

Finding Tanasbourne Ant Control

Prevention is key to avoiding ant infestations inside and outside of your home! Identifying potential entry points into your home and keeping things clean are best practices for preventing ants. Additionally, calling Prime Pest Solutions to help keep the ants at bay is how most homeowners take precautions against ants.

Our approach to Tanasbourne ant control focuses on targeting the ant colony directly versus the few ants we see. This method assures that your ant problems go away, but they stay out too!

Contact us to get a free estimate for service or start your first Tanasbourne ant control treatment right away! Ants are an inevitable house pest you will encounter while living in Tanasbourne. Getting on a preventative Tanasbourne ant control program will help prevent future outbreaks from occurring and curb the current activity.

Don’t let ants invade your space – take action now!

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