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Sherwood Wasp Control

Nothing is scarier than a wasp nest making your backyard home. Yellow Jacket, Paper Wasp, Mud Dauber, and wasps will make everyone uncomfortable. A single wasp is a recipe for disaster. Sherwood wasp control ensures you can enjoy your yard in the warm weather.

Ultimately preventing wasp activity is near-impossible because flying insects can quickly come and go. Having an expert team ready to protect your home when wasps arrive will save you loads of stress and time.

Most Common Wasps In Sherwood

yellow jacket pest control

Yellow Jackets

The Yellow Jacket wasp is one of the most aggressive species in Sherwood. This wasp will build nests underground or on high-hanging locations such as eves. They need little reason to attack especially if you get close to their nest.

Mud Dauber Wasp Control

Mud Daubers

One of the more docile wasps in Sherwood is Mud Daubers. They create nests made of mud frequently on ceilings, inside wall voids, or attics. Mud Daubers will more likely fly away when provoked than attack back.

Prime Pest Control Paper Wasp Removal

Paper Wasps

Paper Wasps are the most common wasp species in Sherwood. They are identified mainly by their honeycomb-looking nests. Paper Wasps look similar to Yellowjackets except they are much thinner than Yellow Jackets.

Familiar Places Wasps Build Nests

  • High-Hanging Areas:
    By far, the most frequent spot you can find a wasp nest is on houses. Wasps prefer to have their nests be hard-to-reach to mitigate predators attacking the colony. Sherwood’s three common wasp species will nest on the eaves of homes.
  • Hidden Areas:
    Another common nesting area for wasps is hidden areas. Since the goal is to protect the nest constantly, wasps can become quite invasive when building nests. They will make inside of wall voids, attics, and inside poles of equipment like playgrounds or basketball hoops.
  • Underground:
    Not all wasps will build nests underground, except for Yellow Jackets. These wasps species are opportunists and will build underground nests that make it difficult to enjoy the yard. Typically they prefer old rodent and critter tunnels, or they will use old hollow tree stumps.
wasps build nests underground
what is in a wasps diet

A Wasp’s Diet

Adult wasps have a tame diet mainly consisting of precious items and other bugs. Typically it varies between species, but most of them will eat other insects they have killed. Additionally, adult wasps love to consume the sugary plant nectar, aphid honeydew, and a sweet liquid secreted by their larvae.

Some wasps like Yellow Jackets will eat meat like dead animals, making the garbage an excellent food source. These omnivores still love sweet items, which create open soda cans and fruit left out a go-to option.


To help prevent attracting wasps, ensure your outside garbage is always secure shut, and no food scraps are left outside. Securing your garbage will help prevent wasps and other pests you do not want in your home. Sherwood wasp control works by also helping remove other potential wasp prey from your home and yard.

When Wasps Attack

Wasps will attack for various reasons, the main one being deterring threats. A wasp is very protective of the colony because it is their only means of survival. If the colony feels a threat, they will send waves of wasps to defend the nests.

It is effortless to stumble upon a wasps nests with little realization accidentally. Sometimes wasps will offer a warning sign by doing a Fly-by, which means they fly fast near the threat. Fly-bys are a show of force and encourage the potential danger to go somewhere else before attacking.

Dangers Of Wasps

Wasps pose a significant danger to keep around your home and yard. It is necessary to have professional wasps removal when you notice an increase in activity. Many homeowners attempt to remove nests but place themselves at risk of a wasp attack.

Reduce unnecessary risk by seeking a Sherwood wasp control program with a trusted provider. Due to their hyperaggressive nature and often limited nest accessibility, wasps require special equipment to remove efficiently.

Pest Threat Level: 8/10


If you feel a wasp buzz by your ear quickly, it is best to stop moving in the same direction and turn around. Sometimes they do not offer this warning, which is why Sherwood Wasp Control is vital.

Reactions To Wasp Stings

A wasp sting is no fun for anyone, and they are extremely dangerous in some cases. Wasps have a stinger similar to bees, except unlike bees, wasps can and will sting more than once. An upset wasp colony will attack by the dozens, repeatedly stinging you simultaneously around your body.

Typically a single wasp sting will cause light symptoms like:

  • Redness/Itchiness
  • Minor pain
  • Swelling- usually a tiny welt of the area directly affected.

Symptoms will subside within a few hours.

However, for those allergic they may experience:

  • Inflated symptoms of all previously listed symptoms
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Hives
  • Light Headedness
  • Drop in Blood Pressure
  • And in worse cases- Anaphylaxis

Wasps And The Ecosystem

Despite their bad rap, wasps serve as a vital ecosystem component. Many individuals are unaware of how helpful wasps are in their role in the environment.

Wasp pollination is not an uncommon occurrence at all. It is normal to see a wasp flying among a group of busy bees collecting nectar from a plant. Wasps collect and eat the nectar in plants and typically get covered in pollen. As they fly around like bees, they help spread this pollen, thus encouraging the continuous growth of plant life.

Pest Control:
A wasp loves eating insects as one of their preferred meals. They will sting and insect, paralyze it and bring it back to the colony for the larvae. These pests will frequent gardens killing insects that are damaging plant life unnecessarily. We are not the only ones offering eco-friendly pest control programs!


If you suspect wasp activity in your yard, the best way to find them is to look for areas where wasp activity is consistent. Typically wasps will establish traffic patterns going in and out of the same entrance of their nest throughout the day.

Local Sherwood Wasp Control

Find a pest control company that you can trust will handle the job the first time. Prime Pest Solution’s Sherwood Wasp Control program will send the wasps packing and keep your yard clear of other pests. Our team knows all of the vital areas wasps tend to nest and the best removal techniques. Give us a call when wasp activity picks up in your yard and we will be there in no time.

We pride ourselves on responding quickly to emergency requests since wasp nests can appear out of nowhere. If you are looking for preventive wasp control, give us a call and get a free quote for service. Do not live fearfully in your yard; stop the wasps in their tracks with Prime Pest Solutions!