Sherwood Quarterly Pest Control

Sherwood, Oregon is a wonderful place to live and I’m so glad I chose it as my home. Prime Pest Solutions has been a great partner in helping me keep the area clean and pest-free. They offer reliable services for all types of pests, from ants to rodents and more.

Are you tired of sharing your home with creepy pests? There’s nothing more irritating than waking up to a complete ant infestation in the kitchen. Prime Pest Solutions provides Sherwood quarterly pest control services that are guaranteed to keep your home pest-free.

We’ve served the Sherwood community for over five years, staving off major infestations and offering peace of mind. Keeping all the pests out on your own is nearly impossible, but now you don’t have to!

All you need to do is call the Prime Pest team, and we’ll take it from there. No more stressing over what to do; we’ll handle it for you!

I’m Not Seeing Pests Around My Home

You don’t always have to see a pest to have a problem. Your home is likely to host many different pest species inside the walls, crawlspaces, attics, and other hidden areas. Sometimes not seeing any activity without professional pest control is a sign of potential pest infestations.

Proactive Pest Control

Sherwood quarterly pest control yields the best results for homeowners because it’s proactive instead of reactive. Reactive pest control only takes care of a single issue as it occurs, whereas being proactive stops problems before they develop.
Getting ahead of problems prevents major pest outbreaks and other ripple effects that come with pest activity.
Want a proactive approach to pest control for your home? Contact us!

dewebber with treatment to keep you Tualatin home spider free
Prime Pest Solutions gets rid of cockroaches forever with quarterly pest control in Sherwood

The Effects Of Pest Activity

There are various reasons why it’s critical to stay ahead of pest problems for your health, home, and sanity!

One of the core reasons pest control continues to be an essential service is the health risks that pests present.
At one time, you can identify dozens of different pest species, some of which spread diseases and illnesses. For instance, the Bubonic Plague ran rampant partly because rodents carried the disease and spread it to humans. Rats, in particular, are crafty home invaders and often only need an inch of space to squeeze inside. Stopping rats from accessing the home is the best way to ensure a diseased rodent doesn’t risk exposing anyone inside the house. Another likely example includes ants nesting inside the walls and finding their way into your pantry. Typically, ants don’t carry harmful diseases, but their bodies usually have bacteria all over them.
Aside from general irritation, the primary issue ants pose is contaminating food storages or food preparation areas.

Risks To Property

Not only are pests vectors of disease and other health-related complications, but they damage property too! Any number of species can wreak havoc on the home if they are left alone. Some species thrive on damaging the house to create better living conditions for themselves. The hardest part of homeownership is maintaining the integrity of the property to ensure a positive home value.

A bad infestation of Carpenter Ants will risk your ability to sell the home and the structural integrity. Carpenter Ants are wood-destroying organisms because they can chew through wood to create better nests for their colonies. Even if it takes years to inflict significant damage, these pests are tiny and often go undetected before getting out of hand. If a Carpenter Ant colony is left alone, it can risk chewing through major structural support of the home resulting in catastrophic conditions and costly repairs.

Pests And Your Sanity

Many assume pest problems result from poor hygiene and horrendous living conditions.
Though poor hygiene can certainly exacerbate or encourage pest issues, this is only partially true. Even if one were to clean every day, they’d still be at risk of pest infestations as anyone else. As the seasons change and weather fluctuates, so does pest activity!
Unfortunately, your home can easily result from an ant colony deciding to set up shop just because that’s where the alates land. However, this doesn’t dismiss the fact that pest activity is enough of a problem to drive anyone crazy. Many people even have phobias against certain pests like Arachanaphobia!

Don’t let pests make you uncomfortable in your home, contact us so we can keep it pest-free!

Common Pests In Sherwood

Sherwood quarterly pest control offers protection from a comprehensive list of pests, but here some you’re likely to find.

quarterly ant control around Sherwood property


Every Sherwood homeowner at some point will encounter ant activity in or around the home. Unfortunately, these pests are viciously persistent, especially when they locate a food source worthy of a colony-wide harvest.
Most ant species in Sherwood are not directly harmful to human health but can contaminate food sources.
Additionally, Carpenter Ants pose the most significant risk to homes because of their wood-destroying tendencies. Given enough time, Carpenter Ants can cause structural damage to a home while carving out their nests inside wall voids.

seeing spiders in your Sherwood home call PRIME Pest Solutions for dewebbing


Many people understand a spider’s role in the ecosystem, but those roles don’t apply inside the home.
A spider’s presence can make anyone uncomfortable, even if they’re innocently sitting in a corner, but especially if they scurry away in front of you.
Sherwood homeowners can expect to find Orb Weavers, Hobo Spiders, and Giant House Spiders around the home.
These spiders are the most common, but that doesn’t mean the dozens of other species won’t wind up inside the home.

wasp control in Sherwood in Spring Summer and Fall


Nothing ruins a pleasant day in your yard than a  wasp buzzing around sabotaging your fun. Well, maybe they’re not sabotaging you on purpose. Instead, they search for food they often find on your plate, garbage, or yard.
Additionally, wasps pose risks of harm when they build their nests in the yard or on the home itself. Though, more often than not, wasps will not attack unless provoked, some species sting without cause.
Yellow Jackets are the most aggressive species in Sherwood that build nests on roof’s eves or underground. One of the scariest aspects of a Yellow Jacket nest is sometimes they’re disguised well enough that you may be in one before you realize it.
Sherwood is also home to Mud Daubers and Paper Wasps, but these species are less aggressive than Yellow Jackets.

saw a house mouse in my Sherwood house


Sherwood quarterly pest control also covers your home against rodents, particularly mice.
Mice can be an absolute dread once they find their way inside because they’re highly destructive. Additionally, they’re difficult to eliminate because of aggressive breeding cycles and the ability to fit in hidden and tight places.
Sherwood also has plenty of Norway and Roof Rat activity, which can be even more destructive than mice. Rats are infamous for sneaking into crawlspaces, wreaking havoc on insulation, plumbing, or electrical lines, and even damaging wood.
Rat incisors constantly grow, so they chew on wood to help contain their growth or gain access.
Seeing another pest not listed? Contact us, and we’ll let you know if we can handle it!

Prime Pest Solutions uses treatment to prevent insects in your home

Ready To Get Started With Sherwood Quarterly Pest Control?

Whether you’re tired of sharing your home with pests or want to get ahead of problems, getting started is easy. By starting a Sherwood quarterly pest control program, you’re putting yourself in a great position when pest infestations strike. Instead of worrying about what to do when the ants come marching in, a simple phone call will solve your problems.
Prime Pest Solutions provides premiere Sherwood quarterly pest control for homeowners just like yourself. If you’re ready to start your pest control program or have questions, contact us!
Don’t spend another season letting pests run rampant around your home, let us help you take it back today.