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Sherwood Ant Control

Anyone living in Sherwood will tell you how incredibly aggressive and persistent the ants are once they get inside. It is like a never-ending trickling trail of ants marching to and from their colony inside your home. Nothing is worse than waking up to find a heavy stream of ants covering the kitchen counters. Sherwood ant control alleviates the need to worry about infestations knowing your home is fully secure.

When the swarm of ants is so large, it may be impossible to know where to begin dissecting the issue. It is almost as if for every ant you remove, two more appear to take its place. Facing ant issues can be quite an uphill battle, especially if left to defend your home alone. Sherwood ant control will ensure you never have to fight off an infestation alone ever again!

They Come From Everywhere

Being so tiny, it does not take much for an ant to be able to sneak inside your home. They need less than an inch of space to squeeze through and start exploring the inside of your home. The most common places for ants to infest are the kitchen and food storage areas

Some other areas that ants are likely to infest are:

  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Garages
  • Bedrooms
  • Patio/Hang out areas
  • Living Rooms
  • Basements
  • Attics

How They Get In

Ants are tricky because they will enter the home by any means possible. It is not uncommon to find them trailing up from crawlspaces or crawling up plumbing lines. Another frequently overlooked area is electrical outlets or any cables running into the home. Therefore, part of the Sherwood ant control protocol involves heavy amounts of inspecting and sealing possible entry points.

An Ant’s Diet

The palette of an ant varies depending on its species. Overall, ants have a taste in a wide variety of different food sources, most of which are dependent on availability. However, the average ant will eat leaves, seeds, sweets like honeydew or honey, and other dead insects.

Being omnivores, they do not have any dietary restrictions, making your pantry a haven of fantastic food selections. But, unfortunately, it is not uncommon for ants to start munching down on anything left out in the open, even tiny crumbs that are far less satiating to humans.

Fun Ant Fact

An ant can carry ten times its body weight making powerlifters their biggest admirers!

underground ant colony infestation

A Functioning Ant Colony

An ant colony constantly moves and adapts to its environment to survive and thrive in nature. A single ant is virtually worthless alone in heart, but a settlement is nothing to look past!

The Queen

The Queen is the ant in charge and why a colony will continue to grow. She is the leader of the entire nest and the only one capable of laying eggs after reproduction. The colony is tasked with protecting the Queen at all costs, even sacrificing themselves for her.


These ants are the males of the colony that only have one purpose: to mate with the Queen. After mating, the males become practically useless to the colony and die.


The Worker ants are why the colony is constantly efficient and moving forward. They are responsible for building and maintaining the nest, harvesting food sources, and even protecting the territory.

Sherwood Ant Control Commonly Targeted Species

odorous house ant on a plant outside the house

Odorous House Ants

The most common ant in Sherwood is the Odorous House Ant. These are the typical ants infesting kitchens and pantries in search of food. However, they are often mistaken for Pavement ants despite having an unproportionally large abdomen compared to their other body segments. They earn their name by secreting a distinct odor scent when you squish their bodies.

carpenter ants destroying backyard deck

Carpenter Ants

The most notorious and feared ant in Sherwood is the Carpenter Ants. These are considered Wood Destroying Insects and are capable of causing significant structural damage if left untreated inside your home. Therefore, Sherwood ant control programs target the entire colony, ensuring they never reappear again around your home.

pavement ants make a mess on walkways with anthills

Pavement Ants

Though mostly active on driveways, garages, or sidewalks, Pavement Ants will still seek indoor shelter. Like the Odorous House Ant, Pavement Ants will scavenge for food sources inside kitchens and pantries.

Reasons Why They Come Inside

There are several reasons why ants will come inside your home. Just like you, they need shelter, food, and water to survive in nature. Our homes provide an endless source of all three, which makes it so enticing for them to sneak inside. Ants can hide inside wall voids while still actively growing their nests without us homeowners ever knowing.

Your home provides warmth during the winter and cooling during the summer while keeping them dry year-round. Though they do not need much, ants still require water to survive, which can be found almost anywhere inside the home. Additionally, living in nature, they are a part of the food chain and often have to hide to survive. Your home drastically reduces the number of active predators around the colony.

Doing Your Own Sherwood Ant Control

Ultimately preventing ants on your own is near-impossible due to the endless ways they can get inside. However, there are specific steps you can take as a homeowner to prevent general ant activity.

  • Regular cleaning will reduce the chances of food crumbs and other treats for ants to find. Decluttering is also beneficial as it will remove any extra harborage and hiding areas for ants.
  • Take some time to inspect and seal opening and entry points inside and outside your home. Using caulking or silicone, apply enough gaps and cracks to limit and barricade entry inside the house.
  • A consistent yard maintenance schedule will help reduce general ant activity. Though it is perfectly normal for ants to be outside, reducing exterior activity will naturally lower the chances of interior infestations.
  • Call in the Sherwood ant control professionals for the best results!
ant control spray for Sherwood homes

Going Without A Sherwood Ant Control Program

Ants are not a pest you want to keep around your home for so many reasons. After traveling through unsanitary areas, the bacteria on their bodies will spread when they get inside your food supply. If ants find themselves in a bag of chips or rice, you have to throw it away and waste money.

Additionally, depending on the species, like Carpenter Ants, they can inflict severe damage on your home. Untreated Carpenter Ants will cause severe structural damage after chewing away at the wood holding up your home.

Ants will also attract their natural predators to your home, which means a general increase in pest activity.

Sherwood ant control programs target the colony as a whole instead of the single few ants roaming actively in the kitchen. In addition, targeting the colony will reduce future activity since the colony can easily replace a single ant.

Knowing When to Get Sherwood Ant Control

No single time is best to get on a Sherwood ant control program because any time will yield results. Many homeowners who do not have active ants seek preventative programs to keep their homes ant-free. Before an entire infestation, ants will send scouts to find a food source for the colony to harvest. If you only see one or two, you must call Prime Pest Solutions immediately to get treatment before the colony attacks.

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