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Guaranteed Pest Services

Hiring a pest control service frequently invokes a sense of hesitation and unrest at first. Due to past companies selling snake oil, many people hesitate to hire a new pest service. Many worries come with pest control for a good reason. All of the guaranteed pest services they offer may seem too good to be true!

Doing your research on a new company you are looking to hire is very important. Your pest service is an investment in keeping your home protected from damage and your family safe from diseases. Pests carry several different conditions and can cause massive damage to a home if left alone. Secure your investment by going with a company that cares about your safety and quality of service.

Prime Pest Solutions is here to keep your family and home safe from pests with unmatched customer care!

Best in the Business

The Prime Pest team is full of some of the industry’s best technicians, managers, and office staff. The team is always striving for excellence with every service by treating every home as our own. We pride ourselves on providing a touch that you cannot find with any other company. From weekly meetings and training and maintaining all industry required and recommended licensing, we are constantly growing.

Being a smaller company, we can provide your home with care that larger companies cannot give. Large companies lose sight of quality when they are constantly stressing production from their staff. Prime Pest service technicians are allotted extra time above industry standards to provide the most comprehensive service every time. The spare time allows us to prioritize quality service and keep stress off technicians to be more thorough.

pest control treatment under bed

A Local Team

Prime Pest Solutions is one of the many small businesses that are operating at the heart of Beaverton. We extend our services to homeowners in the Portland Metropolitan area down to Sherwood, Newberg, and Forest Grove. One of the best parts about being a local company is our ability to contribute to the community. We are neighbors serving neighbors, and we love that we can directly give back to our whole community.

Everyone from the team has an in-depth, unique understanding of what pests lurk and live in our area. Even more so, we are continuously developing new treatments depending on specific locations in the community. A pest service has never been more personalized than now, while many other companies keep the “one-size-fits-all” approach. Each home to us gets its specific treatment, and it reflects in the results!

Common Household Pests

Oregon residents will host a variety of different pests at one time and never realize it. There are, however, certain ones that are more common than others.

These are some of the more frequently encountered pests we treat with our guaranteed pest services:

ant colony outside building


Everyone knows them, and they can be a real uphill battle to get rid of your home. Carpenter ants, Odorous House Ants, and Pavement ants are the most active household ant homeowners will find.

spiders leave their web and go inside homes


Your home provides spiders with ideal conditions at the cost of your sanity and wallet. They may help out by hunting other pests, but nothing is more uncomfortable than seeing a spider run under the couch.

wasp nest removal guaranteed gone


Unfortunately, we have a lot of wasps that buzz around and terrify us on our property. Yellowjackets, Mud Daubers, and Paper wasps are no friends you want living around your home.

Pest Services We Offer

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with all the guaranteed pest services they will ever need.

  • Quarterly Pest Control- This is the all-inclusive service that provides you with general pest control all year long.
  • Monthly Rodent Baiting- This baiting and monitoring program is the long-term approach to rat control around the home. Our technicians will stop by every month and report bait box activity along with a resupply.
  • Carpet Pests- These pests are hard to detect until it is too late. Our carpet pest service will get your home back to normal in no time.
  • Yellowjacket Nest Removal- If they decide to nest in your backyard, we will remove the nest and ensure they do not return.
  • Pantry pest- Sometimes, things get brought home from the store, and we do not realize it. When you have an outbreak in your pantry, we will be there!
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Environmentally Conscious

Our team is extremely cautious and aware of the risk to the environment from these guaranteed pest services. We are always looking out for the best interest of the environment and its role in it. Our service managers always consider environmental risks when choosing pest products for your home. The technicians understand that there is a massive responsibility when handling these professional pest products.

Aside from never using more products than necessary, our team always opts to find other ways of preventing pests. Through Integrative Pest Management, we can still control pest activity without using pest products every time. The service technician will also provide you with tips you can take as the homeowner to prevent specific pest activity. Our team members are also active outdoorsmen and nature lovers, being native Oregonians.

Getting Ahead of Problems

When pest activity kicks up around your home, one of the worst things you can do is nothing at all. Depending on the type of pest, they can spread extraordinarily harmful and sometimes fatal diseases. While other species can chew through the wood holding up your home or wires, putting your home at risk. Regardless of the species, if pests are left alone, they will continue to grow and spread throughout the house.

A guaranteed pest service year-round will help protect these highly avoidable issues from ever occurring. Our team will stop pre-existing pests from getting inside and then build preventive barriers around the home. These barriers are the key to securing your home from facing possible costly expenses brought on by pests. If you do not see any active pests, prevent them from ever having the chance to build.

pesticides outside residents apartment stairs

Guaranteed Pest Services with Prime Pest Solutions

When you are ready to start protecting your home from pests, contact Prime Pest Solutions! We will get a technician out to your home and service your property in no time at all. Our team commits to your satisfaction by providing you with excellent customer care and results that show! In addition, our guaranteed pest services come with our free re-service policy because some problems will pop up between services.

Contact us today to find out more details about our pest services and the company as a whole! Our office staff can give you a free estimate for service and answer any questions you may have. When it comes to pest control, what you pay for is what you will receive. Go with the best team that has your best interest in mind!