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Pest control is almost a necessary service due to the immense amount of pests that linger around the average home.

Everyday pests try to make entry into your home in hopes of staying there forever regardless if you are okay with it or not.

Notoriously, these pests are incredibly persistent in trying to occupy your home because living inside your home is far more desirable than living outside. The seemingly endless food source, protection against the elements, and lower competition check all the boxes of a luxury life for typical pests.

Experience Our Smarter Approach to Pest Control

Living in a state like Oregon almost feels like a hidden treasure from the rest of the country. Beaverton, Oregon, is arguably one of the best places to live in the United States for various reasons.

From the everlasting green landscape to the dozens of hiking trails that offer adventure in your backyard, the city of Beaverton is almost picture-perfect. Living in Beaverton is like living in the forest with all the commodities that the city can offer.

It is time to stop letting pests ruin what is supposed to be the best place to live and finally start focusing on enjoying where you live. Pests can cause thousands of dollars in damages, spread disease, and make everyone uncomfortable!

Finding quality pest control in Beaverton does not have to be a difficult decision; Prime Pest Solutions is here to squash all your pest problems. Let us handle your pests, so you can continue to enjoy everything Beaverton has to offer.

Who is Prime Pest Solutions?

We are a premier pest control company based in the heart of Beaverton, Oregon, that provides industry-leading pest control services. Our mission is to provide a cutting-edge service that provides one thing, results.

Our company is locally owned and operated even to include all of our employees being Beaverton residents. We have insider knowledge of what is crawling around our homes and how to eradicate the problem quickly.

To help give you the most value possible, we treat your home just as if it were ours so we can ensure the highest amount of attention and care. Knowing how and where to treat specific pests requires clear focus and industry knowledge.

Pest control in Beaverton is no easy feat for anyone, but we can quickly and effectively provide results that last with our crew.

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Why Prime Pest Solutions?

Prime Pest Solutions operates based on effective pest control, integrity, and a deep sense of community. Serving the society we live in is an honor that we never want to take advantage of, which is why integrity is our company’s lifeblood.

Being a locally owned business, we are heavily ingrained into our community’s facet socially, physically, and even economically. Small businesses make up a large part of the local economy, which is why we take our jobs so seriously.

Among other small businesses, we are directly responsible for ensuring that our local economy continues to thrive and grow with our company. When you sign up with Prime Pest Solutions, you are not just signing up for a service but giving back to your community in so many different ways.

Finally, part of what allows us to provide effective pest control is our approach to the entire home. When it comes to pest control in Oregon, there is no way to be effective with a “one size fits all” mentality.

We custom tailor a pest control plan for each home at each service based on the known pest activity and home type. There are different requirements for different areas of a home and types of pests.

The constant development and growth provide a healthy challenge. To combat this ever-changing field, we take it upon ourselves to continually undergo continued education.

Our Core Values

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We do what we say.

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We find solutions, not problems.

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We see the world through rose-tinted glasses.

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We seize the opportunity to act.

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We do the right thing.


Providing pest control in Beaverton for almost four years now has given us a chance to see what type of pests there are running around here. Naturally, hundreds, if not thousands, of the kinds of pests are creeping and crawling around Beaverton.

Here is a quick list of some of the most common pests we encounter almost daily here in Beaverton!



If you have been living in Beaverton for almost any time at all, you’ll know how insane the ants are here.

Ants are a year-round pest and will notoriously infest a spot in your home seemingly overnight. There are 92 different types of ants in Oregon alone, but fortunately, we only see three major types: Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants, and the infamous and destructive Carpenter Ant.



Here in Oregon, there are 500 different types of spiders! Suffice to say; you are bound to come across a spider at almost any point. Despite their eco-friendly contributions, spiders have no place living in your home. Some of the most common spiders you can expect to find are the Giant Common House Spiders lurking around your home (commonly mistaken for the Hobo Spider) and Orb Weavers hanging in your garden.



They are known to sting and attack people, especially when getting too close to their nests. When it comes to wasps, they are not something you want to keep around for long. The most commonly encountered wasps here in Beaverton are Yellow Jackets, Mud Daubers, and Paper Wasps.

Don’t worry if you have a pest other than ants, spiders, and wasps. We service beetles, centipedes, moths, and rodents too!

How Do I Get Started?

When it comes to finding quality pest control in Beaverton, your decision does not have to be a difficult one. We at Prime Pest Solutions believe in providing highly effective pest control, top customer service at an affordable rate.

A few pests malingering around your home may not appear to be an issue, but where there is one, there are two. Do not put off getting a pest control service because the effects of waiting only begin to double as time moves on.

Many pests have fast breeding cycles, which means what started as a few occasional invaders can turn into a dense population roaming your home. You do not have to stress anymore about finding pest control in Beaverton with Prime Pest Solutions on the job.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and get a quote!

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