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Prime Pest Solutions paper wasp control in the Portland area

Portland Wasp Control

When summer arrives in Portland, we want to be soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful scenery. The last thing we want is to be driven inside by nuisance wasps buzzing around our heads. Portland wasp control is essential to any plan to keep homes and yards pest-free and ready to enjoy. Being able to identify wasps, taking preventive measures, and contacting Prime Pest Solutions will have your Portland wasp control under control and leave your mind at ease.

Wasps, Hornets, Or Bees?

Often the terms wasps, hornets, and bees are misused. While bees and wasps share many similarities and some evolutionary history, they are not the same insects. However, hornets are a type of wasps. Both wasps and bees are pollinators, but while bees only feed on pollen and nectar, wasps are carnivorous. Their diets make some species more aggressive. Thus, Portland wasp control is essential for all homeowners.

Additionally, there are differences in their appearances. Wasps are longer and sleeker, with little to no hair on their bodies. Many species of wasps have a thread waist or the long, thin section that connects their thorax and abdomen. On the other hand, bees are more stout, and fine hairs cover their bodies to collect pollen as they visit plants.

Common Wasps In Portland

There are thousands of species of wasps throughout the world. Here in Portland, we have the usual suspects when we are battling wasp infestations. These common wasps include the Yellow Jacket, Paper Wasp, Mud Daubers, and Bald-Faced Hornets. If you find signs of these species, it is time to implement Portland wasp control.

Prime Pest Solutions safely removing yellow jacket wasp nests in the Portland area

Yellow Jackets Are Persistent And Aggressive

Yellow Jackets require immediate Portland wasp control. These bright yellow and black wasps may be smaller, but they make up for it in attitude. They are incredibly aggressive when guarding their nests. Because they build their nest underground, up high in trees, and under eaves and decks, you may not know they are there until it’s too late.

Prime Pest Solutions paper wasp nest removal in Portland

Paper Wasps Look Intimidating

Another common wasp in Portland is the Paper Wasp. The name Paper Wasp encompasses multiple species. These wasps create papery nests hanging in eaves, window frames, and quiet corners. While they look intimidating, they are not aggressive unless directly threatened or guarding their nest. However, they take up residence quickly. Therefore, Portland wasp control is necessary at the first sign of Paper Wasps moving in.

Prime Pest Solutions mud dauber wasp nest removal

The Scary Looking Mud Dauber

With their scary appearance, Mud Daubers will have you running to contact Portland wasp control. While a Mud Dauber infestation is dangerous, they are one of the less aggressive types of wasps. They are solitary wasps that build nests made of mud.

Portland bald face hornet nest removal

Bald-Faced Hornets Have Painful Stings

The Bald Faced Hornet is a giant wasp with black and white coloring. They pack a painful sting and are pretty aggressive. They build sizeable round paper nests that house up to 400 individuals. Generally, the nests get built-in tree branches and bushes. Because of their aggression and sting, swift Portland wasp control is necessary as soon as spotting Bald-Faced Hornets.

Why Is Portland Wasp Control Important?

Like any pest, wasps hold an important place in the ecosystem. However, when people find themselves living close to wasps, it creates problems. While honey bees are known for their super pollinating powers, generally, we overlook wasps. So, are wasps pollinators? The answer is yes. But, due to the higher level of aggression and their tendency to build nests in and around homes, Portland wasp control is necessary

wasp stingers will not detach like the honey bee

When Wasps Stings Are More Than Just Painful

In addition to being painful, wasps stings are dangerous for those with allergies. Allergies to stings range from mild site pain and itching to the less common anaphylaxis. For those unfortunate enough to have a severe allergy, a sting may lead to an emergency room visit or even death. Having Portland wasp control measures in place will reduce the risk of experiencing an adverse reaction to a wasp sting.

Portland Wasp Control Measures

As with any pest, the best place to start when implementing Portland wasp control is prevention. Taking steps to reduce and remove food sources and potential nesting sites will decrease the likelihood of wasp infestations. Additionally, a routine home inspection aids in catching wasps before they become a problem. Finally, there are simple steps homeowners can use to decrease the presence of wasps. But, if you find that wasps have already moved in, calling Portland wasp control professionals is the quickest and safest route.

preventing wasp nests on your house use Prime Pest Solutions ongoing treatments

Prevention Is Key To Successful Portland Wasp Control

Preventive measures will help keep wasps away, allowing you to enjoy your yard hassle-free. Because wasps are flying insects, they are difficult to eradicate from outdoor spaces completely. However, limiting their access to food and disrupting potential nesting sites are two crucial parts of successful Portland wasp control.

Eliminate Food Sources

One of the main attractions for wasps is an easy food source. Wasps love sugar. That is why they buzz annoyingly around picnics and barbeques. Make sure to dispose of trash and food scraps in trash cans with tightly fitting lids. If you have a compost pile, move it away from your home or outdoor living area. If you have limited space, cover the compost to deny wasps access. In addition to effective Portland wasp control, minimizing food sources also helps decrease other common pests, such as ants and mice.

Prevent Nests Before They Begin

Performing routine home and yard inspections alerts you to possible wasp nests. By catching a weakness in your home’s exterior or yard, you can stop the wasps before they move in. Some species, such as Yellow Jackets, build nests underground in dens made by other animals. When inspecting your yard, fill in any holes or old tree stumps. Also, look for cracks and gaps in your home’s siding, eaves, and decks. Wasps look for secluded and sheltered areas. Fill any holes or cracks and take note of areas to monitor. It is much easier to get rid of a wasp’s nest before it is large and full of angry wasps.

Prime Pest Solutions Is Your Answer To Portland Wasp Control

While monitoring your home and yard helps prevent wasps, employing professional Portland wasp control experts ensures hassle-free success. With Prime Pest Solutions, you get friendly and effective experts who work thoroughly to keep your home wasp and pest free. Our knowledge and experience allow us to safely remove wasp nests and their angry inhabitants, letting you and your family stay a safe distance away. We understand the safety of your family and home is very personal. At Prime Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves in treating you and your home with driven, dedicated, and reliable wasp and pest control services. Contact us today for more information about comprehensive Portland pest control and quarterly pest control services.