Portland Spider Control

Nothing is more terrifying than watching a spider scurry before you and disappear into the abyss under your couch. Not knowing where the spider went is an unsettling feeling you should not have to worry about in your own home. Portland spider control is a growing necessity for easing everyone’s minds by combatting frequent spider activity inside your home.

Spiders You Will Find In Portland

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Giant House Spider

The Giant House Spider is one of the most horrifying spiders for people with or without arachnophobia. This species is known for its abnormally large size, making them look ten times more intimidating than other species. Additionally, they are one of the fastest spider species alive and use this speed to be proactive hunters.

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Hobo Spider

Unfortunately, the Hobo Spider has a wretched false narrative that follows the name. Many people speculate that a bite from a Hobo will result in a similar necrotic-type effect from Brown Recluses. Sorry to say, no current cases support this claim. But more often than not, the Hobo prefers to run away than face confrontation.

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False Black Widow Spider

The False Black Widow, or simply put False Widow, is one eerie-looking spider. This species resembles the same body type of the notorious Black Widow spider but without the lethality. A critical physical differentiator is a False Widow Spider does not have the infamous red hourglass shape on its underside.

Portland Spider Control and Removal Process

Spider control is a multi-step process aiming to halt current spiders and prevent future activity. Understanding different areas of a spider’s life will help create a treatment plan that works for your specific home. In addition to being active hunters, spiders can lay thousands of eggs over a single year. Therefore, effective Portland spider control must consider all aspects of a spider’s life to be successful.

2022 Prime Pest Solutions dewebbing with pesticides to remove spiders outside Portland homes

De-webbing and Inspections

The first step of Portland spider control is de-webbing and inspecting the home. Removing webs encourages spiders to move elsewhere. Many spiders are non-confrontational, so they will likely leave the area if it poses a significant threat.

Inspecting is essential to identify the types of spiders and their general activity around the home. Spider activity locations can also indicate where other pests may be active since spiders are avid hunters. Additionally, de-webbing allows observing any notable spider activity to build a more thorough treatment plan.

When de-webbing, it’s crucial to find the egg sacs and remove them in addition to webs since this process will significantly alter lifecycles. Understand more about the lifecycle of a spider to learn the core focus of Portland spider control.

Disrupting Lifecycle

There are three phases to a spider’s lifecycle: egg, spiderling, and adulthood.

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The egg phase begins the lifecycle, though it may be the last for some. Spiders lay hundreds of eggs simultaneously due to the high mortality rate from egg to adulthood. Spiders will go through their larval phase in the egg and will hatch in a few weeks after being laid for most species.


The spiderlings are immature since they are still developing into adults. Their exoskeleton is not very strong during this phase and will undergo several molts until they are adults.


Depending on the species, a spider can experience five to ten molts to become an adult. Female spiders are almost always larger than males, so they may take longer to develop.

Building Barriers

The next step for Portland spider control is building protective barriers around the home. Most barriers must focus on repelling current activity and stopping spiders from trying to sneak inside. Since spiders have acute dexterity, it is essential to target areas that may be easy for them to access.

Pest professionals can build protective barriers in different forms to provide broad coverage.

liquid pesticide


The liquid application is the most common and trusted form of barrier. Professional pest control products typically are best delivered through liquids to cover the most surface area and have lasting effects.

granule lawn pesticide


We use a granular barrier around the home’s lawn and foliage. Granules will help slow activity from ever reaching the home in addition to being the easiest to apply.

dust pesticide


The use of dust as a barrier is vital for targeting hard-to-reach areas like inside wall voids. These secluded areas are prime spider habitats, and dust offers the longest-time protection if undisturbed by outside elements like rain.

Remove Other Pests

One of the best reasons to hire professional Portland spider control is to help control other household pests. Spiders will come near your home if enough pests are available to catch and consume. By controlling and removing other pest populations, you will greatly de-incentivize spiders from wanting to stop by your house.

Portland Spider Control Prevention Tips

Preventing spiders in Portland is an uphill battle but not impossible when you do it alone. Spiders, in particular, can be challenging to remove because they tend to be naturally agile and sneaky. Crawling on any surface and squeezing through small gaps makes preventing spiders an added challenge.

Prime Pest Solutions spraying the exterior structure of house to prevent spider and other insects

It Starts On The Outside

  • Trim Trees– Take time to cut back the trees and other foliage surrounding your home. The main objective is to reduce the different ways for spiders and other pests to gain entry. When vegetation grows onto the house, spiders will take advantage of these natural bridges to walk right onto your home. 
  • Reduce Moisture– Moisture is one of the biggest reasons spiders and other pests infest homes. Throughout the years, plumbing lines drip, or overgrown foliage blocks the sun from drying excess water, causing moisture buildup. Take some time to find moisture-dense areas and dry them out to reduce pest and spider activity. 
  • Check Entry Points– Identify and inspect possible entry points around the home’s exterior. You will need to check the most common places around doors, windows, and the foundation for any potential entry areas.
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    Portland Spider Control Inside The Home

    • Seal Gaps and Cracks– Much like the outside, if the spiders cannot get inside, they cannot find an access point. Therefore, inspect and seal all baseboards, weather stripping, plumbing lines, and any minor gap. 
    • Reduce Clutter– Spiders thrive when they have plenty of places to hide and build webs. Since they prefer to be hidden, removing any clutter in your home will significantly reduce any great hiding spots for them to set up shop behind. 
    • Hire a Professional Portland Spider Control Service– Professional pest control services are the best way to ensure your home remains protected from spider activity. Professional pest control will use specific spider control techniques to stop current activity and prevent future intruders from getting inside. 
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        It Might Be Time to Find Portland Spider Control If…

        Everyone has a threshold for spiders; some are terrified of a single spider, while others can tolerate more! Getting on a quarterly pest control program is a great way to stay ahead of problems before they unravel. However, it might be time to find Portland spider control when finding webs and live spiders inside is a frequent occurrence.

        When you are ready to stop sharing your home with spiders, contact Prime Pest Solutions and get started on your first service! Our spider control program can provide the peace of mind you need to know your home is spider-free.