Common Lake Oswego Wasp Control Methods

A lovely sunny day spent outdoors can be quickly dampened by the presence of flying pests, like wasps. If you are being harassed by wasps whenever you spend time on your property, the time has come to eradicate them. Getting support from our Lake Oswego wasp control company is the best way to ensure that wasps become a problem of the past.

Wasp control is not particularly easy. Therefore, relying on our professionals to handle this task is ideal. Consider these factors before you reach out to our Lake Oswego wasp control provider at Prime Pest Solutions.

Types of Wasps

Several types of wasps infest the interior and exterior of Oregon homes. Some examples include:

yellow jacket wasp is larger next to an ant

Western Yellow Jackets

Western yellow jackets inflict a majority of “bee stings” in Oregon. This aggressive wasp species swarms around any exposed garbage, meat, or sweet food. When they feel threatened, they tend to sting nearby people and animals. The Western yellow jacket is effectively the most aggressive type of yellow jacket found in Oregon. They nest in colonies of up to 250 wasps. Therefore, sighting a single one of these wasps means a large swarm of them is likely nearby.

Our Lake Oswego wasp control company understands how to identify yellow jacket wasps by observing them on your property. Unlike the average homeowner, professionals will not mistake Western yellow jackets for bees or other wasps. Once identified, our pest control technician knows to search for the ground holes where these wasps typically nest.

brown paper wasp control on your property Prime Pest Solutions

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps exist in high numbers throughout Oregon. They are recognizable by their yellow and black coloring, though this makes them easily confused with yellow jackets. Western paper wasps are not nearly as aggressive as western yellow jackets. However, they still can sting when they feel threatened.

Paper wasps build nests in any small cavity they can find. This includes pipes, gutters, and tight overhangs. Other manmade items also make for excellent nesting locations. Examples include grills, patios, and decks.

hunting wasp in a hole on the ground

Hunting Wasps

This solitary wasp species excavate nests in the ground. They also use other holes that already exist as nesting areas. Sometimes, nesting structures made of mud mark their homes. Because mud dauber wasps have similar nesting habits, you need a professional to identify this common wasp species.

mud dauber wasp on the wet ground

Mud Dauber

This is the most common type of hunting wasp in Oregon. It is black and yellow, like many other wasps. They build their nests using mud, as their name implies. Fortunately, mud daubers are rarely aggressive. They sometimes do not sting even if they need to defend their nests. Still, their presence can be alarming, especially if you do not know whether they are aggressive or not.

outdoor wasp control in Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego Wasp Control Inspections

An inspection is the first step in identifying the root of your wasp infestation. Here are some common areas that we inspect for wasp populations:

  • Inside trees and tree stumps
  • Inside bushes and shrubs
  • Underneath decks and patios
  • Beneath the eaves of houses
  • In-between cracks or crevices
  • Behind window shutters
  • On outdoor light fixtures
  • In and around playground equipment
  • Inside of mailboxes
  • Inside or under infrequently used grilling equipment
  • Underneath rocks
  • Inside logs

There are other niche areas where wasps create their nests. Our team is always open to your input if you know where the wasps live. In cases where you have no idea, trust us to find the source of the problem and solve it quickly.

Wasp Identification

With thousands of potential culprits behind every wasp infestation in Oregon, our Lake Oswego wasp control company must find out which species is causing issues to make the elimination process more targeted. Identifying the type of wasp that is behind the infestation also helps homeowners make better choices about whether the wasps are causing harm and are worth being removed.

Usually, homeowners choose to remove wasps, but we like to ensure that they are informed of the potential benefits of keeping wasps on their property. If upon learning more, they still want to move forward with elimination, we provide insight into which steps they should take moving forward.

Lake Oswego Wasp Control Methods

Several methods exist that work to control wasp populations. Which one is best for your circumstances depends on your wasp infestation.

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Aerosol Spray Treatment

People use aerosol wasp-killing sprays the most frequently. These sprays allow users to spray chemical pesticides at decently long distances. In addition, the sprays kill and sometimes repel wasp populations, making them a viable DIY control method for wasps.

Usually, manufacturers develop their wasp aerosol sprays to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic to animals and humans. Unfortunately, though, some sprays are harmful to nearby people and animals. To ensure that the application process is seamless and harm-free, rely on a Lake Oswego wasp control provider to handle the task.

wasp nest

Nest Destruction

Spraying wasps kills them quickly, but they continue to spawn if you do not take care of the nest. Unfortunately, wasp nests are dangerous. So, it is not a safe choice to attempt to remove them on your own.

Instead, rely on our Prime Pest Solutions professional Lake Oswego wasp control provider. Our technicians understand how to eliminate large-scale wasp nests without exposing you, your family, or your pets to any risk of being stung. Our skilled team leverages tested pest control methods to maximize the effectiveness of each pest control project.

Depending on the size and location of the nest that we plan to remove, the removal may occur on the same day as our initial visit. Although, sometimes it makes more sense to perform an initial treatment then return within the next few days to completely remove the nest. Our technicians alert every customer of what method makes sense prior to beginning any treatment. We can fulfill your request if you need the nest removed immediately.

Prime Pest Solutions Lake Oswego wasp control and nest removal

Prioritize Lake Oswego Wasp Control

Do not let wasps take over your property. Instead, eliminate them swiftly with the aid of an experienced Lake Oswego wasp control provider. The team at Prime Pest Solutions is ready to hear from you!

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