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Lake Oswego Spider Control

Spiders have this unique ability to appear completely out of nowhere when you least expect them. Despite their size, knowing you share your house with a stealthy and scary pest is pretty disturbing. There are dozens of different spiders living in your home without professional pest control. Lake Oswego spider control is an excellent option for homeowners who want to live without excessive spider activity inside the house.

Unfortunately, Lake Oswego provides a comfortable environment for spiders to thrive inside and outside your home. The green landscape dotted with trees and a magnificent lake gives a spider everything it needs to survive and thrive.

Common Spiders That Lake Oswego Spider Control Targets

Lake Oswego has dozens of spider species making spider control a growing necessity for everyone’s home. Some spider species depend on our homes to provide them with the necessary shelter and food.

Here are some of the most common spider species you will likely encounter living in Lake Oswego.

Yellow Sac Spider

Surprisingly, Yellow Sac spiders are not typically yellow! They earn their name because they form distinct yellow-looking colored sacs that they hide inside during the day. Their sacs can be an eye sore since they are usually in apparent areas around the home’s exterior.

Most Yellow Sac Spiders are aggressive hunters at night and are not afraid to bite if they feel threatened. The bite of a Yellow Sac can be very dangerous since the effects mimic a Brown Recluse. Fortunately, the symptoms accompanying their bites are less detrimental, though it is best to seek medical help if bit by a Yellow Sac Spider.

yellow sac spider control in Lake Oswego by Prime Pest Solutions

Lake Oswego Spider Control for Yellow Sacs

The most common place to find Yellow Sacs are on the outside siding and upper corners of patio and overhang areas. Lake Oswego spider control programs target Yellow Sacs by finding and removing their sacs and placing barriers around activate areas. 

Hobo Spider

The Hobo Spider is one species that does come with a stigma tied to its name. Many homeowners fear Hobo Spiders because they cause necrotic lesions. Unfortunately, no known cases support this argument. Hobo Spiders are timid and not aggressive. When confronted, they often opt to run away. 

Hobo Spiders form funnel-type webs that make catching prey easy and escaping even easier. Additionally, Hobo Spiders can be quick to move on their feet, making them an even more effective hunter.  

grass spider web on tree contact Prime Pest Solutions for foundations treatment

Lake Oswego Spider Control for Hobo Spiders

The best Hobo Spider treatment targets inside and outside dark and hidden areas. Preventative spider control will push Hobo Spiders away by placing repellents strategically around the home. 

False Widow

Almost everyone knows about the infamous Black Widow Spider, but not many are aware of the False Widow. This species is unique because they often take on an almost identical look as a Black Widow, minus the hourglass. It is inadvisable to reach under every potential False Widow Spider to check for the hourglass on their underside. The False Widow should be pretty easy to identify since they take on the same uncomfortable shape as a Black Widow. 

However, False Widows are nowhere near as dangerous as a Black Widow Spider. Almost every spider carries venom, but the False Widow’s venom is far less potent than a real Black Widow. Most bite symptoms go away on their own after a few hours or days, depending on your sensitivity. 

false black widow spider control in Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego Spider Control for False Widows

Removing their prey is the best approach to Lake Oswego spider control for False Widows. Typically, False Widows are only being active because there are a lot of potential food sources in the area. Get the other bugs out of your home, and you will likely never see a False Widow again. 

Giant House Spider

Anyone with a low tolerance for spiders will scream at first sight of a Giant House Spider. The Giant House Spiders are not only one of the largest house spider species but also one of the fastest! Giant House Spiders are a highly athletic species that does not even use webs to catch their prey. When Giant House Spiders decide to form a web, it is usually in the shape of a funnel.
Fortunately, the Giant House Spider is relatively non-aggressive and will likely run away from confrontation and only bite when necessary. The effects of the Giant House Spider bite are minimal, if not non-existent since their venom is not potent.

giant house spider on blanket Prime Pest Solutions pest control treatments

Lake Oswego Spider Control for Giant House Spiders

The approach to spider control for Giant House Spiders is similar to the Lake Oswego spider control protocol for Hobo Spiders. Generally, pest professionals will need to target the home’s interior and exterior, especially dark, hidden areas.

Spider’s Diet and Lake Oswego Spider Control

There is not one preferred diet among all spider species because every spider has varying resources available. The main focus of a spider’s diet is bugs of almost all varieties, mostly flying insects.
Spiders eat flying insects the most because their webs catch the insects as they fly around, unrealizing they are stuck until it is too late. However, some spiders can eat reptiles, birds, worms, frogs, and even bats!
Most of the spider species in Lake Oswego will stick to an insect-rich diet since plenty of different pests are creeping around. Some spiders are also not afraid to consume other plant materials like honeydew, leaves, pollen, and seeds; however, this is a rarity

spider wrapping fly in web to get ready to eat Prime Pest Solutions removing pests

How A Spider Eats Their Prey

Depending on the species, spiders have a unique way of eating: they do not eat; they drink! Once a spider catches their prey, it will bite down with its fangs and inject an organ-melting enzyme. After the insides turn from a solid to a liquid state, the spider will suck on the carcass content until it is empty. Spiders require water to live, but they typically get all the water they need from their prey.

Signs You Need Lake Oswego Spider Control

Everyone has different tolerances for spiders; here are a few signs you might benefit from Lake Oswego spider control.

  • The most obvious sign you need spider control is when you actively see spiders inside the home. Seeing a single spider is not a big deal, but frequent encounters should raise some concerns.
  • If you frequently wipe away spider webs inside the home, it might be time to get Lake Oswego spider control. Finding spider webs inside the house is a significant indicator of other pest activity.
  • Finding random bites is a step too far and your most significant indicator for finding Lake Oswego Spider Control.

Reasons for Lake Oswego Spider Control

  • Prevent dangerous spiders from getting inside your home.
  • Have peace of mind knowing your home is spider-free.
  • Spider control programs need to remove other pests to be effective.
  • Dewebbing will help clean up webs and not make your home look like a haunted house.
  • Avoid medical complications from unknown spider bite allergies.
house spider control around your home by Prime Pest Solutions

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Spiders can quickly take over a home, so waiting another day could mean the difference from two spiders to dozens. When you are ready to get your home started on a Lake Oswego spider control program, contact Prime Pest Solutions!