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Lake Oswego Quarterly Pest Control

Lake Oswego quarterly pest control is the best way to keep you and your family safe from pests bugging you. No longer are you alone in the fight against pests when you call in the Prime Pest Solutions team. Our quarterly pest control program is a comprehensive approach to staving off pest infestations and other unwanted activity.

stop ants from coming inside with quarterly pest control

Why Homeowners Need Lake Oswego Quarterly Pest Control

  • No one is okay with letting ants run amuck on the counters, especially in sensitive areas like food preparation and storage. 
  • Pest infestations can become overwhelming, leaving homeowners like yourself unsure of what to do or who to call. 
  • Many people find it difficult to be comfortable inside their homes because pests are uncontrolled. 

“Excellent company! Techs are friendly, knowledgeable, and always on time. I’ve been using this company since it started, and so have many of my neighbors.”Susan Fleischman

What Is Lake Oswego Quarterly Pest Control

The Lake Oswego quarterly pest control service will give you a well-rounded treatment for every service. Pests often get inside from different angles, cracks, and crevices, so we’re determined to protect every infestation possibility. You can expect the following treatment methods around your home at each service. 


Our technician will start every service by inspecting the home for current or past pest activity. Even if pests aren’t actively running around while we’re at your home, they often leave signs for us to find.

These signs include trailing from rodent tails or slug trails, gnawing, and feces. The inspection is the most critical step because they help the technician determine the treatment your home will need.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all for pest control because each home presents different activity. Therefore, to cater our service to your home’s needs, we must thoroughly inspect every service.

Inspections are also how we can help you get ahead of infestation outbreaks by stopping activity in its tracks.

Granular Application 

Granules offer a way to extend protection around the home into the yard and other common areas. Treating the yard, mulch, and dirt offer early protection of stopping pests from making it to the house. 

Granules may act as repellents or baits, depending on the target pest. Granule application is efficient for ant activity because they can take baits back to their colony. 


Dusting is one of the most effective treatment methods in a pest control technician’s toolbox.

Dust comes in powder form and can penetrate hard-to-reach areas like cracks and crevices. These areas are often where many pests slip inside and create traffic patterns for accessing the home.

Dust often lasts much longer than most products and is highly effective in all weather.

granules to remove and prevent pests


Dewebbing is simply wiping away all present spider webs around the home. This process is critical in preventing future spider activity, especially throughout the seasons.

Spiders, like the Yellow Sac spider, often will lay eggs during the fall so that they can hatch in the Spring. Our technicians will wipe away these eggs to reduce overall activity.

Additionally, the tools used for dewebbing have a dual application for removing wasps’ nests too!

exterior pest control removing spider web
Prime Pest Solutions quarterly treatment to prevent insects coming inside your Lake Oswego house

Foundation Treatment

Foundation treatments are the bread and butter of our home pest treatments. Treating the foundation is critical because most pests must cross the foundation to access the home.

Even using other methods, the service is rendered significantly and effectively without treating the foundation.

Other Pest Control Services

Benefits of Lake Oswego Quarterly Pest Control

Many pest control companies offer various service schedules, from bi-weekly to once every six months.

Accurate and Precise Treatments

Prime Pest Solutions offers all customers quarterly pest control services because this routine produces the best results. We value treatment accuracy and placement over repeated use of the same treatments.

Many companies will keep treating the problem with the same service approach until the problem disappears. Unfortunately, this can result in several visits from your company and loads of frustration when you still see pests running around the home.

Instead, our approach aims to favor precision so each visit produces the results you want to see. In addition, this system allows the treatments ample time to render their effectiveness and remove the issue instead of overapplication.

Perfect Treatment Timing

Additionally, quarterly pest control services are just in time for the change of season so we can stay on top of season pest activity. This approach puts us one step ahead of the activity year-round and keeps your home from pests!

We don’t want to overapply and over-treat the property wasting your time and money. Quarterly intervals offer the best bang for your buck while keeping your home pest-free.

keep insects like ants from entering your home with professional Prime Pest Solutions treatments

Peace Of Mind For Everyone

Your and your family’s safety is our number one priority. Therefore, your home should remain free of pest activity to help provide a home safe from health hazards and discomfort.

It’s difficult to truly kick back and relax when constantly worrying about what’s creeping inside your home. Pest control services offer a much-needed sense of safety and security for everyone in the house.

Why Choose Us?

Our priority starting on day one is your complete satisfaction. We’re a local company constantly working to improve the quality of service every time you receive treatment. We take pride in our work, knowing we maximize your treatments every time we service your home. 

We also stand by our work and will promptly return to your home between scheduled services. However, pest activity is sometimes hard to control and requires additional treatment to ensure the problem disappears. 

Our service department is constantly undergoing training and implementing new techniques and technologies to improve service. We invest in innovation to perform at our highest potential and provide the best service possible. 

How fast will I see results after a service?

It depends! We tailor our treatments to the specific problems you see around the home. In addition, certain pest species require different treatment methods, which can take time to be effective.

Typically, you can expect to see a difference around your home in a few days to a week, even for bad pest outbreaks.

Is pest control necessary?

Pest control is an essential service that helps preserve clean living and working conditions. Pests naturally drag different diseases, dirt, and grime where ever they go.

Controlling pest populations around your home will also protect the house from damage caused by pest activity. Additionally, having regular pest control gives you a solution if you find an outbreak of pests inside your home.

Can I do pest control on my own?

Doing pest control can involve many things, from regular cleaning and yard work to purchasing store-bought products. However, doing pest control with professional pest services is the best way to keep your home pest-free and maximize your service.

DIY pest control is possible, but professionals understand pest identification and can use professional pest products.

Ready To Start Lake Oswego Quarterly Pest Control?

We are your local pest control experts, specializing in quarterly pest control services for Lake Oswego homes and businesses. Our team of experienced technicians will come to your home or business and perform a thorough evaluation of your property. We’ll identify any existing pests, recommend treatments, and implement the best plan for you. There’s only one team you need to call! Call PRIME today