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Lake Oswego Ant Control

Lake Oswego is a true treasure that many do not get to experience in Oregon. The low-key lifestyle of Lake Oswego is relaxing and enjoyable for everyone. There is no shortage of fantastic restaurants and fun activities to do throughout the city. Unfortunately, ants can ruin all the fun for homeowners who do not have professional Lake Oswego ant control.

The ants living inside Lake Oswego are notorious for viciously swarming homes year-round. Typically ants are only active during the summer months, but in Lake Oswego, they will infest homes through the winter.

Finding Ants Everywhere in Lake Oswego

The thing about ants that many people do not realize is that they can be living inside your house for years. Since they are small and quiet, they can grow healthy colonies inside the wall voids, crawlspaces, or hidden places. Unfortunately, these factors are a recipe for disaster because you may never realize they are there until their colonies are well-established.

It is too late to see ants running inside the home. A proactive approach to saving money and frustrations is for homeowners to opt-in for residential Lake Oswego ant control.    

many ants leads to a severe ant infestataion contact Prime Pest Solutions in Oswego area

Lake Oswego Ant Control Starts With Identification

Not all ants are equal! Hundreds of ants in Oregon and Lake Oswego have different requirements for sustaining life. When treating ants, no single technique will eliminate all ant species. Some products do not help treat certain species. Each species needs its approach to the treatment because external factors also have to be accounted for.

Identifying the ants roaming around your home is the first step in getting rid of them. Identifying the ants will also help with understanding the infestation’s severity because certain ants need immediate removal. Prime Pest technicians understand the different identifiers that come with common species in Lake Oswego when performing ant control.

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Lake Oswego Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter Ants are a highly destructive species that no one wants to see crawling around their home. This ant species is unique because they can consume wood cellulose, which can be disastrous for any home. The average Carpenter Ant grows to about half an inch, but sometimes they grow to a full inch.

Carpenter Ants are one of the largest species of ants, so spotting them on or around the house is more leisurely. However, they are small, so they may still reside inside the wall void and eat away at the framing.

Finding the nest is crucial to ensure the entire colony leaves the property, but sometimes this can be challenging. Carpenter Ants prefer soft, moisture-rich wood, so this is a great point to start tracking down the colony.

However, since they are Wood Destroying Insects, we recommend bringing a professional ant control company.

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Control the Lake Oswego Pavement Ants

You are more likely to see these ants nesting in driveways, cracks in foundations, garage floors, and sidewalks. However, it is not uncommon for Pavement ant colonies to work their way inside the home.

Once inside, many people mistake them for Odorous House Ants due to their size and color. However, the most noticeable differentiating factor is their equally proportioned body segments. The Odorous House Ant has a larger abdomen than its other body parts, whereas the Pavement Ant is equal.

These ants have a wide pallet for food and eat almost anything humans eat in addition to other insects.

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Lake Oswego Odorous House Ants Control

If you live in Lake Oswego long enough, you are bound to encounter the Odorous House Ant. This ant species is the most common in Lake Oswego and the Portland-Metro area.

Odorous House Ants earn their name due to a distinct smell their bodies release when crushed. These ants mostly live indoors and are likely to be the species homeowners are more likely to encounter.

The Odorous House Ant can devastate food storage by swarming with large numbers, despite being one of the smallest species. These ants are not particularly dangerous, though they carry many bacteria on their bodies that will contaminate food.

Ant control programs will heavily target common areas where Odorous House Ants are likely to appear. Fortunately, the treatment for Odorous House Ants and Pavement Ants are very similar and require a lot of baiting.

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Controlling Velvety Tree Ant In Lake Oswego

Not many people are aware of the Velvety Tree Ant, but they need to be for a few reasons. First, the Velvety Tree Ant is aggressive and will bite and secrete acid on its victim.

This ant species is notorious for having a painful bite and will attack you with its large colony numbers. Unfortunately, these ants are short-tempered; you often do not realize they are happening until they are already biting down.

Velvety Tree Ants earn their name because velvet-looking hair sits on their abdomen, and they prefer to live in trees.

They prefer to live in trees and under stones near moisture to get inside the house. The most common way they enter is through overgrown foliage touching certain house areas.

The best prevention practices are reducing moisture and trimming foliage away from the house.

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Lake Oswego Pharaoh Ant Control

Have you ever heard of a Pharaoh Ant? Maybe you should because these ants are the silent spreaders in Lake Oswego.

At first sighting, you must contact a professional ant control service to remove these ants because they can spread diseases. Their name stems from folktales claiming they were responsible for one of the plagues during the Egyptian Pharaoh era.

Pharaoh Ants can spread diseases like Salmonella and the bacteria that causes Strep Throat. So if there is anyone with sensitive health, they need to ensure that Pharaoh Ants do not make it onto the property.

The best way to prevent Pharaoh Ants is to reduce moisture around the property and hire a professional pest service.

Lake Oswego Ant Control Prevention Tips

  • Try your best to maintain cleanliness! It can be hard to keep up at times but try your best to wipe counters, vacuum frequently, and sweep.
  • When there are spills around the house, clean them up immediately. Ants require heavy moisture, along with many other pests!
  • Next time you do some yard work, inspect the foliage and trim it away from the house. This quick chore is a frequent access point for many pests and will significantly reduce activity.
one female ant can lead to an infestation call Prime Pest Solutions

Ant Control in Lake Oswego

A professional pest control company is the best proactive step to stop ants from infesting your home. Frequently getting a detailed inspection from a trained eye will help find ant infestations before they spread.
Prime Pest Solutions is a locally owned pest control company across Lake Oswego. When your home starts showing signs of ant activity, give us a call right away. We will detect the source, identify, and treat the ants and other pests creeping around your home.

Ant problems tend to build upon themselves when they are on their own. So get started today by contacting us and getting your free estimate for service.