Beaverton Spider Control

Beaverton is a beautiful city with green bushes and trees that make life here a luxury daily. What you may not see is the thriving environment for pests like spiders that it provides. For homeowners, spiders are an inevitable aspect of life in Beaverton, but that does not mean they need to live in your home. Spider control around your home will help you sleep better at night, knowing spiders are not stalking you. Have Prime Pest Solution provide regular treatment for total Beaverton spider control.

Spiders are an essential part of the ecosystem because, in their way, they provide pest control. However, spiders also pose a potential health threat to humans considering they can have a poisonous bite. They are also on the top of most people’s list of scariest pests!

Types of Spiders in Beaverton

spider control in Beaverton for golden orb weaver spiders

Garden Spider

Beaverton residents are well acquainted with Garden Spiders because they cast their webs everywhere. They are prevalent spiders to find on the outside and typically come in a variety of different colors.

hobo spider control and removal in Beaverton

Hobo Spider

The illusive Hobo Spider is another common spider in Beaverton that comes with controversy. There are claims of a hobo spider bite causing similar necrotic effects like the Brown Recluse bite. However, this is not entirely true; there have been no confirmed bites from a Hobo spider to support this accusation.

Beaverton giant house spider control

Giant House Spider

The second most common spider, is the Giant House Spider. These spiders are often confused with the Hobo Spider, but the main noticeable difference is the speed and size. Giant House Spiders look like Hobo spiders at first glance, but they are much larger and faster than Hobos.

scared of spiders

Are Spiders in Beaverton Dangerous?

In short, yes, spiders are dangerous to have inside the home. Every spider has venom in its bite; what makes them safe and unsafe is the amount of venom they produce. Some spiders do not put off enough poison to cause too much harm to humans minus minor irritation. At the same time, other spiders can be a severe threat to humans with a single bite.

Having a continuous spider control service will help take the worry entirely out. Ensure your home stays utterly spider-free, so you do not have to worry at all about a bite. In Beaverton spider control is almost a requirement, because of the huge spider population throughout the city.


Beaverton Spider Standard Measures

  • Trim all trees and bushes away from the house at least twelve inches. Foliage touching the house acts as a bridge for pests to access the home.
  • Reduce moisture. By reducing water, you are taking away incentives for other pests to come to the house. Spiders are predators and will go where their prey is active.
  • Seal doors, windows, gaps, cracks, and holes around the home. Spiders can gain entry into the house through these access points.
  • Maintain a healthy, manicured lawn. Reducing overall pest activity which will keep the spiders away.
  • Pets! Keeping pets around the home, like cats, will help minimize spider activity. Cats specifically will actively hunt spiders as they appear, a great, natural form of spider control.
  • Clear up the clutter. Spiders do not want to be around you anyway; by reducing clutter, you eliminate hiding spots.

Eliminating Spider Activity Around the House

Once spider activity is noticeable around the home, it may be time to get on a spider control service. Spiders are difficult to control on their own because they typically live alone. Trying to eliminate every spider from the house will require professional pest control products and training. Professional spider products act as repellents that will kill on contact or otherwise push them away.

Removing their webs and egg sacs will stop the future activity and further spider population growth. Spider control services also help with reducing other pest activity around the home, which reduces overall spider activity. The use of glue boards placed in dark, hidden spots will also help lower spider populations in a home. Beaverton spider control services will build up barriers around the home to help dissuade any spiders lurking in the area.

Contact Prime Pest Solutions

When you notice a lot of spider activity around the home, it may be time to contact a professional service. Prime Pest Solutions offers spider control to the residents of Beaverton that can help ease your mind. Our spider program includes the use of repellents and other mechanisms to reduce activity and stop growth cycles. We will inspect your home at every service and determine how the spiders are getting inside the house.

Prime Pest Solutions is your local go-to pest control expert operating here in the heart of Beaverton. We have been serving Beaverton for over five years and know what you need from a pest control program. Contact us today and get a free estimate on our spider control services. Take back your home and take out the worry of spiders so that you can sleep soundly!