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Beaverton Rat Control

Any Beaverton resident will tell you how out of hand the rats are in our area. Rats are known for being greasy, disease-riddled rodents that are extraordinarily intrusive and destructive. They will spread many diseases because they lack any form of hygiene and will chew on anything in their way. Protecting your home with a Beaverton rat control program is the best way to avoid disease and destruction.

For many years rats have been one of the top disease spreaders. Even after the plague era, rats continue to spread harmful diseases, just in more indirect ways. In addition to disease spreading, rats are also professionals at causing property damage to your home if given a chance. Rats have no place taking up residency in your home and need to be taken care of at first sight of activity.

rat poking head through wall, white background

Why Rats Need to be Controlled

There are a variety of reasons your home could benefit from a Beaverton rat control program. Rats can quickly spread diseases around your house like hantavirus, plague, and leptospirosis. They will urinate and defecate as they scurry around your home, leaving a mess and applying it with their bodies. Rats will also get into your food storages with their disgusting bodies and contaminate your entire pantry.

Another issue with rats is the destruction they will cause around your home. They are notorious chewers because of the incisors that never stop growing throughout their lives. Their incisors need consistent trimming, and your home provides more than enough areas to gnaw on. Rats will chew up wires, drywall, cardboard, and other vulnerable spots around the house.

Gardens and other plants are susceptible to damage from rats eating them or carelessly walking over them.

Types of  Rats in Beaverton

dark brown roof rat on some logs

Roof Rat

Extremely common among coastal states, roof rats earn their name by mostly nesting in upper parts of buildings. They are smaller than Norway rats but still can measure out to 40cm. Once they find entry into the attic, they quickly set up a nest while simultaneously spreading diseases. Roof rats are infamous for causing damage to HVAC systems because of their constant gnawing. They have incisors that are constantly growing throughout their life.

brown Norway rat near a puddle of water close up

Norway Rats

These rats can grow to be extremely large, measuring out to 9.5 inches long. Inside they will typically tear into insulation, chew on cables, and leave their bodily fluids everywhere. They use their bodily fluids to communicate, but this also moves the disease all around the home. Like roof rats, Norway’s incisors continuously grow throughout their lives, forcing them to gnaw on things constantly.

Signs of Rat Activity

  • Droppings- Rats will leave their droppings everywhere as they run around your home and yard. Droppings alone are problematic because they get their diseases all over your property, a severe health hazard.
  • Gnawing or Bite Marks- Rats will chew holes into areas around the home that could lead to inside. Their incisors are strong enough to get through different materials around the house. The average rat only needs a ¼ inch gap to squeeze its heads through; the body is highly malleable.
  • Grease marks- Rats are disgusting creatures for many reasons, grease being one of them. Over time their bodies build up grease, and they will start to rub it everywhere as they squeeze through places.
  • Tunneling- Rats will dig their way under certain areas like fences and slabs. An obvious indication of rat activity is tunneling leading under your patio or deck.

Common Questions About Rat Control in Beaverton

What Do Rats Eat?

Rats are not known to be very picky eaters, as they will eat just about anything. They are omnivores, so they will eat about anything that comes their way. Gardeners beware of the destructive Norway rat because they prefer fruits and vegetables. Not only are they known for tearing up homes, but gardens too!

Rats, just like mice, will chew through boxes and bags to get to food contents. Your whole pantry will quickly become contaminated after that rat sweeps through everything. Beaverton rat control programs offer you protection against rats, never giving them the chance to get that far.

Do I Need Beaverton Rat Control?

Beaverton rat control is for everyone, regardless of current rat activity or not. A professional program is a great way to protect the home for those looking to get ahead of the problem. Anyone who might suspect some activity should consider getting a program before it gets out of hand. Rats have pretty aggressive breeding cycles that can quickly grow your current rat population drastically. The average rat produces about 7-8 pups in a single liter and will breed 3-6 times a year!

Rats, unfortunately, are not a possibility but a probability for anyone in Beaverton and the surrounding areas. It can not do any harm taking extra caution to protect your home and family from a rat infestation. Most rats will live to only a year, but it is not worth the chance with their breeding cycles.

How Do Rats Get In My House?

Rats can get inside a home through almost anywhere that has a gap big enough. Rats typically only need a quarter-inch opening or larger to fit their skulls through; their bodies will quickly follow. The most common places rats gain entry is broken crawlspace vents, attics, or siding that is falling off. They are small enough to maneuver through wall voids, getting them anywhere inside the home.

Garages are also common locations where rats can get in because they can chew on the weather stripping. Once in the garage, they can find their way into the internals of your home through the furnace. Plumbing lines often give rats easy access because they require gaps to fit pipes through different house areas. If foliage is overgrown, rats will climb onto the roof and gain entry from exhaust vents or the attic.

illustration of a pest control van with a no-mouse sticker on the side

Keep the Rats Out!

If you are ready to hop on a Beaverton rat control program, give Prime Pest Solutions a call! Our team is prepared to handle all your rodent problems from inside and outside the home. The technicians that make up the Prime Pest team are Beaverton residents that know precisely what your home needs. Rest assured, when a Prime truck comes rolling down the street, your rat problems are gone.

Contact us today to get more details on our variety of rodent prevention and protection programs. Your home is yours to feel comfortable in, do not let rats take that from you!