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Beaverton Mouse Control

First, you will likely hear mice before you see them. But any mice activity is undoubtedly a reason for worry. Mice are a detriment to your home and pose a critical health risk to your family. The most challenging part of mice is their small, malleable sizes, allowing them to squeeze in nearly anywhere. Getting an expert Beaverton mouse control will help remove any worries of suspicious mice activity.

Mice are destructive rodents that will quickly take over your home in no time. Their aggressive breeding cycles make growing local population numbers a breeze. Beaverton is home to an insane number of mice, leaving every home vulnerable to infestations. Once inside, the mice will begin to cause mass chaos, making you uncomfortable in your home.

The Dangers of Mice in Your Home

When mice decide to make your home theirs, it may be time to get on a Beaverton mouse control program. Mice bring with them various health risks to you and your family and even a high potential for property damage. Like most rodents, mice will cause damage by chewing their way throughout your home. They use their strong incisors to gnaw their way through obstacles in their way.

Their incisors continuously grow throughout their life, so gnawing is a must for them to help keep them trimmed down. Additionally, mice tend to leave droppings and urine anywhere they go and even use it as a form of communication. They use their bodily fluids to communicate about food sources they have come across. Having excess droppings and urine around your home is how they transmit harmful diseases.

Mice find their way into your food storage and can contaminate everything they contact.

control mice by removing food and put in storage
mouse climbing up a Beaverton house

Signs of Mice Activity

Droppings- One of the most certain indicators of mice is their droppings. They will produce over 50 droppings a day if you find them in odd places like behind cabinets, under sinks, or other hidden spots.

Grease marks- Mice are extremely greasy rodents, and they will leave grease trails anywhere they go. If you notice spots that look greasy creatures have been rubbing, then mice are around.

Tunneling- To find new ways of entry, mice will dig tunnels under fences, slabs, and many other spots. Typically these tunnels will lead to other accessible areas that mice benefit from, like under the patios. The tunnels may also have grease marks which is a massive indication of mice activity.

Noise- Mice are noisy when they scurry around the inside of the home. If you experience extra noise at night that sounds like something moving quickly or scratching, then mice are around.



Common Questions About Mouse Control in Beaverton

How Do Mice Get Inside?

Mice are curious critters that also possess a bit of creativity. They will sneak into your home through several ways, unfortunately leaving not just one option on the table. Mice do not typically need too much room to be able to squeeze in. Generally, a quarter-inch gap is all they need to squeeze in, just as long as their heads will fit.

The most common places mice sneak in are through busted crawlspace vents, broken siding, or any gaps on the exterior. Their small sizes make it easy for them to sneak around the inside-the-wall voids. Plumbing lines will also typically provide enough of an opening for them to squeeze through. Sealing up any gap around the exterior will drastically reduce the risk of mice getting inside.

Where Do Mice Live?

Mice are highly versatile with where they live inside, which makes them such a hindrance. As long as the mouse has protection and easy access to food, it can live almost anywhere. They will build nests made up of random objects like shredded paper, cardboard, or other items. The best places to look for mice nests are attics, crawlspaces, and garages. They are also known for nesting inside wall voids near impossible to locate unless you demolish the wall. These locations are typically free of predators and still give the mice easy access to the food supply. You might also find their nests in other places like behind appliances, cabinets, and pantries. These places provide warm, safe living conditions with food right around the corner.

What Do Mice Eat?

Of all the typical home pests, mice are not considered picky eaters. They are omnivores, meaning they eat a mixed diet of animal content and plants. However, they do prefer to eat more carb-based foods like seeds, fruits, and grains. Anything in your pantry is a free game for a mouse to eat as long as they can access it.

Another troubling consequence of mice activity around your home is your garden. We love to garden year-round here in Beaverton, but mice activity can be detrimental to all your hard work. They will eat the food you grow and potentially damage other things in your garden. It is also prevalent for mice to gnaw their way into food bags and box items. Rigid plastic containers may help reduce the likelihood of mice getting into the food in your pantry.

Do I Need Beaverton Mouse Control?

This question is always the most challenging question for any professional to answer. Mice do pose a serious health risk just from their presence alone. Additionally, they will cause damage to the home by chewing wires, tearing up insulation, and gnawing around the house. An effective Beaverton mouse control program protects your property year-round.

A professional mechanical program will also prevent future activity from ever having a chance to occur. A routine schedule will mean your home and family remain at low risk of catching a deadly disease or property damage.


Prime Pest Solutions Beaverton mouse control program will stop mice before they have a chance to make themselves at home!

Beaverton mouse control

Your Solution to Mice Problems

When mice activity builds around your home, call the Prime Pest Solutions team. Our expert technicians understand mice behavior and patterns specific to the Beaverton area. Prime Pest Solutions consists of residents who know what their neighbors need to remain mouse-free. Do not let mice make you uncomfortable in the one place you should feel safe!

Contact Prime Pest Solutions today for a FREE estimate and additional details on our rodent programs. Reclaim your home from mice and keep out any future intruders with your local Prime Pest Solutions team!