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Beaverton Ant Control

Anyone who lives in Beaverton knows that ants are one of the most consistent house pests in the area. Ants are known for their persistence in infesting and taking over a home. They will ensure their colony survives even if it means they sacrifice themselves. Getting proper ant control is necessary when living in Beaverton because ants are inevitable.

Ant colonies can grow inside of wall voids, crawlspaces, attics, or even follow communication cables inside. Their tiny bodies make finding access to home easy, especially as a house settles and more holes open. Our professional pest service will protect your home from ants having a chance to grow their colonies in your home.

Types of Ants in Beaverton

4 odorous house ants close up

Odorous House Ants

One of the most common ants in Beaverton is the odorous house ant. They are often confused with the pavement ant because they are similar in size, except odorous house ants have disproportionate abdomens. They are called odorous house ants because of the odd odor their bodies put off when squished.

a few hundred carpenter ants on a wooden deck close up

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a genuine concern around Beaverton because they are wood-destroying organisms. Much like termites, carpenter ants will consume wood and destroy a home’s structural integrity if not controlled in time. These ants are significantly more giant than the other ants in Beaverton, which makes identifying easy.

a couple dozen pavement ants feasting

Pavement Ants

As the name may imply, pavement ants will most likely nest in pavers. The most common place to find them is driveways, but they will also go inside the home. Their body segments are much more proportionate compared to the odorous House ant.

Common Questions About Beaverton Ant Control

Why Do I Have Ants?

Ants can appear in your home for several reasons, but typically it is for shelter and food. Since ants are constantly growing their colonies, they are always on the prowl for the next food source. Beaverton residents will tell you that the local ants will always be able to find even the tiniest crumb left out.

Another factor to consider is that ants can slip in almost anywhere. They will even pour out of electrical outlets if it means they can reach a food source. If the weather outside is not suitable for them, they will quickly seek shelter, even if it means your home. Unfortunately, the consistent rainy months in Beaverton mean that ants are always looking for a way to escape the rain. The winter is a great time to start your ant control program to get your home ready for the summer!

What Dangers Come with Ants?

Ants are typically just nuisances to have around, but there are a few concerns everyone should know. Depending on the species of ants, like Carpenter ants, may cause damage to a house. Structural damage can grow to be extremely expensive and also a significant safety risk if not controlled in time.

Another possible danger is the potential to spread food-borne diseases in your pantry. Since ants tend to travel everywhere inside and outside, they have many bacteria on them naturally. They will get into your food if left out or containers open and spread their body’s bacteria all over the food. If you happen to come across ants infesting a food container, it is best to play it safe and throw out the food. Beaverton ant control programs are a requirement because eventually ant activity will find its way into your home. Nothing is worse than opening up your pantry first thing in the morning to a flooding of ants.

Preventing Ants in Beaverton

  • Aside from a professional ant control program, you can take a few steps to help prevent ant activity.
  • Seal all open gaps, cracks, holes, or anything that may grant them access.
  • Maintain a clean home. Wipe down counters, put food away in sealed storage containers, and ensure no crumbs are lying around. More about keeping ants out of the kitchen.
  • Perform lawn maintenance. Overgrown yards tend to provide perfect shelter for ant colonies to grow.
  • Reduce moisture. A lack of water will not only help prevent ants but many other pests as well.
  • Watch out for scouts. Ants will not send the whole colony out to seek out food sources. Instead, they will send scouts out to create a pheromone trail leading from the colony to the source. Find out more about How Ant Find Food.

Getting Beaverton Ant Control

If preventing the ants is not a possibility, then removing them should be a top priority. The ants must get controlled as soon as possible; otherwise, they will continue to spread around the entire house. A well-established ant colony is seemingly an endless uphill battle.

When ants are present, the best thing you can do is contact a professional pest control company to service the infestation. Treating the ants may require multiple trips to get under control, even with professional pest products finally. Eliminating an ant colony requires patience because the pest products need time to travel back to the nest.

Professional ant control programs require slow effects so the ants can take them to the nest. Store-bought pest products are ineffective in the long-term fight against ants because they will kill ants too quickly.

Contact Prime Pest Solutions

When ants appear in your home, the first step to getting rid of them is to call Prime Pest Solutions. Our ant control program is a premiere service that promises control over ant infestations. First, we will find the source of the activity and entry points around the home. After that, we will strategically place baits and liquid products around the activity to eliminate the colony.

Today, contact Prime Pest Solutions to receive a free quote for our quarterly pest service that covers all ant activity. Do not let another day pass where ants continue to grow their colonies inside your home. Take back control of your home and keep the pests out!